View Full Version : Things you may look past. (Hair color, hair style, tattoos, preorder codes etc)

04-03-2013, 01:24 AM
This thread is for us to note some things that some new players may skip without even noticing. I did this myself with a few things so i thought id start list that we can add to as we go.

I've noticed a ton of people who have missed the options in character creation. So for any of you who start a new character be sure to look because there are options for hair style and color, tattoos and even blemishes. For ps3 its r1 l1 for Xbox and pc not sure.

Be sure to look for your ego rewards from entering the codes in the website and your pre order items in the defiance store. In the menu you will see it then go to claim. Also on your manual on the back is your redeem code. I played for a while until I noticed that. Lastly if you are not getting any rewards log out then back in and they should be there most of the time.

Please add anything else you can think of to this list. I would of loved to see a list like this when starting out. I was so mad I missed all those extra character options. Thanks guys.