View Full Version : Livestream Advice for Coy Developers

05-16-2014, 08:40 AM
1. The person talking shouldn't be the person playing the game. One person usually can't do both very well. Time is limited, and it's annoying to watch the minutes tick past as we wait for cars to re-spawn, or for an arrival at a distant location, or the inevitable gaps in conversation and lost train-of-thought during busy fights.

2. It's okay to get organized in advance of a livestream. Live doesn't have to mean improvised on the spot. Again, this often wastes time. Mulling over questions, half-answers, coy evasions and misunderstandings between participants can seem folksy but disorganized. Please have some of this worked out early. It shows you take the issues and questions seriously.

3. Humor is fine, but so is serious concern. Trick is a funny guy and that's great. There are many parts of Defiance worth laughing about and some where all you can do is laugh (coping mechanism). But the game has some serious issues, and that deserves acknowledgement too. The livestream can sometimes seem flippant or dismissive to players who have waited for this rare opportunity to hear from the developers about specific problems. I know the tough questions can be awkward, but if you deal with them candidly we'll respect that. See "Whedonesque" for balancing the serious with the absurd. Defiance is all about the hilariously/heartbreakingly absurd, right?

4. This is our only access. For whatever reasons, Trion has insulated itself from the player base. Unlike some other games and companies, there isn't much back-and-forth around here. The forum moderators do their best (thank you!), but when it comes to direct answers that are more than a few cryptic words, we rely on the livestream. Please keep the focus on information rather than gameplay display. Tackle the tough questions early, methodically, and get them out of the way. Then have fun with the cool stuff on the horizon. We want that too of course. Just not at the expense of the current state-of-the-game.

Thank you for doing the livestreams. Cheers.