View Full Version : Scoring System problem?

05-20-2014, 02:19 PM

Yes i always think maybe it's just me since yes i do suck horribly at this game. During incursion and arkfall lately o well the past few days the scoring system seems a little off. I am about on my 1week and 2nd day playing. I use to do arkfall and incursion cause well i love the hordes of mobs in any game. When i started i could see the top 20 player that hit way over 200k+ on scoring, but recently a lot of people barely get to 100k on the scoring.

Other then that i notice myself also i use to score over 90k+ on both ark and incur but i can't seem to score any higher then 60k and ive been using better guns then the time i have scored 90k+. I mean like i said it could just be me. Sometimes my points don't even go up as i dump a clip into an enemy, that usually happen when people everyone disappears off my mini map. It's like it isn't counting my dmg nor teamwork+ or Assist+