View Full Version : suggestion about BMG improves

05-26-2014, 10:41 PM
the biggest problem of bmg at the moment is, bmg don't not enough heal and damage in gameplay, and people use it is just for stack scores.

1. bmg should do low damage, yes, and it's not the thing i want to change it.

2. bmg have great healing effect once, but it break the pvp and nerf very soon.


Waht i suggest--

1. increase heal effect 3 - 5 times<-----looks OP right? But now the BMG 's heal is too low to save others, and most of us think heal is meaning less, as if you join a very hard vogle siege, no matter is there anyone is healing you, you dead if you get focus fire by bombers.

2. do not heal/bmg effect to the user/bmg bringer himself<-----no doctor heal himself, also the bmg should not heal the user himself as a balance for increase heal effect, in pvp players can take out the bmgers to end the heal link.

3. make linked target don't take crit damage<---- totally for PVP balance, with crit players can easily kill another player in one shot with few type of weapon and can ignore armors, this change increase the important for healer and group tactic.


Adv suggest.

1. linked target get the ego power the user using<----all ego power didn't improve the bmg heal/damage effect much at the moment, but if you can use cloak and link your team make them cloaked(bmger can't linked each other and will keep uncloak), or overheat your squad or team blur for quick move.