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05-29-2014, 02:35 AM
Hello my fellow arkhunters

Today, i have a question about using other skills (perks) i am very stumped at the moment
Been trying to figure out how do i use my other perks, such as cloak, for an example
Usually when i press the 1 key it uses Overcharge, but also it shows that all the
skills i've unlocked these are already equipped but cannot use any of the other ones...

Sorry to be a bother guys, i've went to the menu to config my keys, searched google, and youtube..
and my search results came up empty..

05-29-2014, 02:52 AM
There are EGO Powers and Perks.

Powers are Cloak, Blur, Overcharge and Decoy and only one can be equipped at once in a single loadout.

Perks are like talents, you can have several equipped in a loadout.

05-29-2014, 03:13 AM
Ok, I think you are talking about two different things here: EGO Powers and EGO Perks.

On the EGO Matrix, there are Four Powers: Decoy (top left large box), Overcharge (top right large box), Cloak (bottom left large box), and Blur (bottom right large box). Each can be upgraded five times with EGO Points, provide you meet the prerequisite EGO level.

These are all active use things. You can have one per loadout (eventually you will unlock 5 loadouts, knowing you have the box version). When they are used, they have a period where you gain their benefits. After that time, they go on cool-down and you have to wait for them to recharge. There are Perks and weapons which can increase duration and reduce cool-down.

Then, there are EGO Perks. These are all the little boxes on your Matrix and can be upgraded three times. You can unlock them and upgrade them when you 1.) Have an adjacent perk/power unlocked 2.) the required EGO level. You can equip up to nine perks per loadout once they are unlocked by your EGO level (EGO1000 to unlock the last spot). These perks are PASSIVE bonuses which apply to you when the perk's requirement is met (if it has any). For example, the dead center of the matrix is "Regeneration", it states "Constant Health Regeneration" (1%, 2%, 3% for each EGO point spent on it). This Perk constantly gives you health. Directly to the left of Recharge is "Thick Skin". This perk only goes into effect when your shield breaks, and gives you armor plates temporarily.

You can activate a Power with a key/button press. A perk automatically activates when it's requirement is met.

Finally, to unlock a NEW Power or Perk, you have to unlock a perk/power directly adjacent to the perk in question (above, below, right, or left.)