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06-06-2014, 11:19 AM
Looks like Showcase will be re-airing the entire first Season as a lead up to Season 2 if you missed any of it and were interested. Episodes are scheduled as follows:

S1E1: Pilot
Tuesday, Jun. 10 @ 12:30AM ET (CC)

S1E2: Down In The Ground Where The Dead Men Go
Wednesday, Jun. 11 @ 12:00AM ET (CC)

S1E3: Devil In The Dark
Wednesday, Jun. 11 @ 01:00AM ET (CC)

S1E4: A Well Respected Man
Thursday, Jun. 12 @ 12:00AM ET (CC)

S1E5: The Serpent's Egg
Thursday, Jun. 12 @ 01:00AM ET (CC)

S1E6: Brothers In Arms
Friday, Jun. 13 @ 12:30AM ET (CC)

S1E7: Goodbye Blue Sky
Friday, Jun. 13 @ 01:30AM ET (CC)

S1E8: I Just Wasn't Made For These Times
Tuesday, Jun. 17 @ 12:30AM ET (CC)

S1E9: If I Ever Leave This World Alive
Tuesday, Jun. 17 @ 01:30AM ET (CC)

S1E10: The Bride Wore Black
Wednesday, Jun. 18 @ 12:00AM ET (CC)

S1E11: Past Is Prologue
Saturday, Jun. 14 @ 12:00PM ET (CC)
Wednesday, Jun. 18 @ 01:00AM ET (CC)

S1E12: Everything Is Broken
Saturday, Jun. 14 @ 01:00PM ET (CC)
Wednesday, Jun. 18 @ 10:00PM ET (CC)

S2E1: The Opposite of Hallelujuah
Thursday, Jun. 19 @ 10:00PM ET (CC)
Friday, Jun. 20 @ 01:00AM ET (CC)