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06-12-2014, 09:10 PM
I finally hit 3000 EGO. Hold your applause. It seems like it took forever, but I wonder what I'd be at without PS3 issues? Probably not that much different but even tonight I've been unable to complete an incursion. I actually completed a volge bathhouse and it critted right at the end and I got no credit. Anyways whatever. This is a stupid post. Pfft.... maybe I'll have more fun posting gifs on the forums....

06-12-2014, 09:13 PM

Atticus Batman
06-13-2014, 03:06 AM


Aren't gifs fun?!

http://i642.photobucket.com/albums/uu150/Ewee420/funny/have_fun.gif (http://s642.photobucket.com/user/Ewee420/media/funny/have_fun.gif.html)

06-13-2014, 03:36 AM
I've been unable to complete an incursion.

You folks should have the new checkout system where you get rewards if you disconnect?

06-13-2014, 05:41 AM
Pfft.... maybe I'll have more fun posting gifs on the forums....

It is ALWAYS fun posting gifs on the forums. ;)


06-13-2014, 06:07 AM
But we have an extraction fee each time we log back in after a hard freeze, so it all works out :/

06-13-2014, 07:56 AM
You folks should have the new checkout system where you get rewards if you disconnect?

Yea we do I think. I was referring to not getting credit in the contract. It's frustrating to me because I kind of hate incursions but I want to get the 7th legion lockboxes.


06-13-2014, 08:42 AM
but I wonder what I'd be at without ....

without being first gen player, who got no exp for anything during arkfalls when the game first came out, hell we didn't even get credit for our kills during arkfalls at first,

living to kill goal, need 50k kills,,
got everything on xbox NA, all the outfits, ego is 4040 on my main toon there, but I quit along time ago, yet there was no weapon mastery resets then, we had to either bring a lot of guns with us or leave and go get more, imagine doing hulker runs in big groups for days just to max out say your Ar or LMG skill,,

now I just maxxed out my AR skills in 2 or days doing a few Incursions / sieges, I don't run arkfalls or sieges anything like I use to, but yet a lot of my wep skills are over lvl 15 already, Ar is maxxed and I don't even use Ar's that much compared to other weps,

we had some of our stats rolled back, including the dreaded PVP one that use to be REQUIRED to get your outfit at EGO 4000,

a lot of ppl got pissed off and mad when all of this changed and we didn't get no credit for things ppl now are getting hand over fist,,

im already ego 1068 I think in only a few days, if I got this game now and played like I did when it first came out, I could prob reach ego 4000 in a week ...

watched my wife play this game a lot and see how much things changed and made me often feel like we was just test subjects, yet was in alpha and beta, then paid full price for this game? watch friends buy ultimate edition for over 160$+ only to quit before they even released the first dlc, I stayed a lil longer then almost anyone I knew,

but I really feel like OP, but with due reasons,

we were the ones they USED to learn from, instead of building communications with some of us, like they are doing now and a lot better about it now,

but instead of trion taking some of us, building real relationships as far as this game goes, they didn't, it was all about mass and QQ'n over things like pvp,,

imagine trying to farm for a OJ immunizer back then, lots and lot of resources, no wep re sets, once its maxed you get no exp towards anything, throw it in the trash,

yet the immunizer was one of my fav guns, got nerfed over pvp, with all these things and the fact of how easy it became for new players,

then, then when they GAVE everyone all PERK SLOTS at EGO 1000, all of us who were high ego, was like, wtf, you punished us, we get nothing as a bonus for being this high of a ego, weps back then didn't scale, if a higher ego wep droped stats were no better, maybe a better bonus roll, but that was it,,

low ego OJ's where boss, worth a lot, then all these changes happened, ruined our markets, ruined our collections and really trion made high ego, first gen players of this game a joke,

now, a lot of that has changed, mainly the weps scale, love how I can take a green wep at higher ego and it blows out a lower ego purple, oj or anything,

it just sucks that we (beta - release ) players had to go through all this, maybe if ppl didn't have to pay full price for these things, or get comp'd with bits or in store royalities for helping to bring this game to where it is now, or tired to help a lot,

maybe if we were comp'd and made to feel like trion understood mistakes were made, maybe some ppl wouldn't have quit never to return, never to buy or touch anything trion again..

unlike now, where the devs and staff around here seem to be more real, more down to earth some, more in communications with us, there has been some big changes here, just it effected a lot of ppl in a negative way, this game had a lot of ppls interest when it was talked about and then released,

but by the first few months, with all these issues, server issues, game play issues, they really lost a lot of there core player base..