View Full Version : Premium key giveaway!

06-23-2014, 07:39 AM
Hi, I got 3 Defiance keyes to give away. I bought them before it went f2p and I did the research if they're still working. From what I researched it says.

"What do I get for purchasing Defiance before it converted to free-to-play?

For being awesome and purchasing Defiance, you receive a 30-day Paradise Patron Pass and a grant of 1000 Arkforge, which can be used to refine and upgrade weapons. In addition, you will continue to enjoy many perks on your account that new accounts do not receive, like additional character slots, loadouts, inventory, and ark keycode capacity. Additionally, everyone who had an active, paid account prior to free-to-play will receive a unique title: “Old School”.

I will be streaming today at 4:30 GMT on http://www.twitch.tv/dobosz666

Keys will be given away in raffle, every 50 followers.

If you want to participate in raffle, just follow my channel, and you may win premium key!

See you on stream folks!