View Full Version : I've been taken...Against my will.

Dee v3
04-03-2013, 09:47 AM
Yesterday, while exploring on my cherry red ATV, I came across a young fellow who seemed to be in need of assistance. Together, we fought off hordes of raiders. Blowing their brains from one end of the map to the other. When it was complete, I said goodbye to the lad and went on my way...So I thought, in my menu was a message, a clan invite. Not to be mean, I sent him a message and said ''No thanks, not interested in clans at the moment.'' and declined it.

This must not have sat well with the little guy and his goons. Because sure enough, when I logged on today, I was trapped in his clan. I could see all his posse logging in. Even in my Quick Menu, I see the Clan option and all the members(Except my name of course). If I highlight their name there's an option to invite them to a clan....What? But there's not an option to ''leave clan''. Why has this happened to me? Why must I taken against my will? In such a dire time...Why?! Liam Neeson, help me please!!

Edit: Holy Shtako, I'm out. Thank you, Liam.