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06-30-2014, 05:23 AM
A day in the life of an Arkhunter trying to fulfill the daily Chimera-contract 'Commandeer Cronkhite'.

The clanmates willing to run the daily expert gather at Shondu's just before the contracts reset, we form a group of 4 and wait for the new daily contracts to appear. Cronkhite it is, and we all know what we're walking into straight away! Yet, we start the coop...

Me and another make it in, the other 2 got disconnected. That's a 50% score of the group making it in. Well... At least it is more then the last time Cronkhite was the daily and i was the only one making it in. Both of us decided to wait for the other 2 to relog and join us. A random appears, and since we were at the start i apologize to the random player and both of us quit the coop to wait at Shondu's and regroup with our friends.

Four of us regroup at Shondu's for the 2nd try. Guess what? My time to disconnect! I restart the game and find the other 3 guys waiting at Shondu's. They actually made it all in, but a random took my spot, so they quit to regroup.

For the 3rd time we regroup and start Cronkhite. The only one of us that didn't disconnect yet of course disconnected. A random joins and we quit to wait for our dc'ed friend... again!

The 4 of us are at Shondu's and we decided to all relog the game, even the guy that just disconnected. All four quit the game and restart to regroup at Shondu's. We start the coop and i disconnect straight away! I relog and find my buddies still in the coop waiting! Luckily no random joined this time so we are on our way!

A good 20 minutes later we put Daig to rest...

All in all that was a coop of 20 minutes that took us 50 minutes to complete! Dear Trion, 30 minutes to get a full group TOGETHER into Commandeer Cronkhite is not quite acceptable m8's! And it's not that it just recently appeared to be this way. Cronkhite has been a problem on the PS3/EU-server for quite some time now, and remains to be unfixed! Since we all got our fair share of disconnects i believe it's not a connection problem from the player-side. It's clearly a problem on your side. Please look into it and fix this.

06-30-2014, 05:51 AM
I just relayed a similar experience in another thread. A clanmate queued a group for Cronkhite, and three minutes into the mission, he disappeared. The rest of us continued on, in hopes that he'd get back in quick enough, but not so. Someone random joined in and we finished it. So when we were done, I tried to message this clanmate to tell him I'm sorry he got booted, and as I was writing the sentence out, I lost connection to the server. Usually when that happens, I figure it's the entire server (it was the other night), but when I finally got back on, the active clan list was full, so I doubt it.

Lag has always been bad with this game, but since the free-to-play transition it's really, really ramped up.