View Full Version : Just an idea how to make game launch smoother.

01-31-2013, 09:15 PM
I have been in many launch day games and I suspect a lot of people on this board have as well. It almost always seems to be a bad first day. 1, 2, even 7 hour server queue and if you are one of those who manage to get in first, you may suffer lag disconnects and server overloads.

To date, I have only been a part of one successful game launch and that was Star Wars ToR. Early access based on when you pre-ordered. It was only a few days difference, but the majority of the pre-orders had the client from open beta and required minimal updates nearer launch day. There were some issues with not being able to play, even with the early access, but that was due mainly to not enough servers being made/open for early access and to much congestion.

A simple (seemingly) fix would be to use the stress tests and pre-order numbers to estimate having more servers open near launch day to allow more people to pick a server with lower (perceived) populations, or making sure you can sign on with friends. If we have the full client already downloaded instead of a fresh install and update on launch day, the should also lower the amount of stress on the updating servers.

I do not know how the plans for launch are, if there will be one server and we are all on there, or multiples, selectable "worlds" or such, but even if everyone is together on one server, allowing the game to be downloaded before official launch, for those who pre-ordered should reduce stress and allow a smoother launch.

Just my 2 cents, and if this is the wrong forum or against rules, feel free to delete it. I am just looking ahead a couple of months fear I may be in a 16 hour queue again.