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07-04-2014, 02:12 PM
make an offer and it will be yours won't list all the rolls but will post when asked about them. won't be on for several hour though
Ironclad V ego 5700
if it is under 5k ego it has should have less then 1.5m xp on it

FRC big boomer ego 5636 machinist modded with all t3s and t4 radius
FRC big boomer ego 5670 run-n-gun 3 t4s radius, reload, velocity
FRC heavy assault carbine 5000 survivalist electric modded with 3 t3s
FRC heavy assault carbine ego 5206 outlaw no nano
FRC heavy assault carbine ego 5290 survivalist no nano modded with t3 power bore
FRC quick repeater ego 3818 no synergy bio modded with 3 t3s and a t4 ultra bore
FRC quick repeater ego 3818 synergy outlaw nano less modded with 2 t3s and a t4 crit barrel
FRC quick repeater ego 5516 assassin syphon
FRC quick repeater ego 5765 assassin radiation
FRC rocket pod ego 3818 quartermaster potential triple damage
FRC Saw ego 5737 syphon run-n-gun
FRC scattergun ego 5718 veteran electric potential triple damage
FRC subcarbine ego 3882 veteran radiation
FRC subcarbine ego 3882 veteran nano less potential triple damage
KLOC evo pistol ego 5831 survivalist electric
monitor sidearm ego 3882 grenadier fire
precise chaos ego 4786 survivalist
quick burst pulser ego 5000 assassin electric
quickshot blaster ego 4821 assasin electric
shield spanner ego 5000 grenadier
split shot ego 4886 quartermaster radiation
triple shot fragger ego 4821 rolling thunder fully t3 modded
VBI AR2 bonfire ego 4164 grenadier double velocity
VBI Bas-7 Derailer ego 5466 machinist nonano
VBI bm-4 stingray ego 5000 rolling thunder
VBI GL-x incinerator ego 3882 stalker modded with 2 or more t3s
VBI HP-5 wolverine ego 5653 stalker bio
VBI Hp-6 wolfhound ego 5711 run-n-gun electric
VBI INF-3 Canker ego 3882 run-n-gun fully modded with t4s and with a 1.10 fire rate
VBI LM-12 rocker ego 5000 run-n-gun syphon
VBI SMG ego 4516 veteran bio fully t3 modded
VBI SO-2 Courier ego 4900 grenadier fully t3 modded
VBI so-2 courier ego 5712 grenadier potential triple damage
VBI shotgun ego 3818 run-n-gun radiation potential triple damage
VBI shotgun ego 5123 grenadier nano less potential triple damage
VBI sniper rifle ego 5586 run-n-gun nano less
VBI Tacc assault rifle ego 5696 cannoneer electric
vot blast rifle ego 3818 cannoneer nano less 2 t3s
vot blast rifle ego 3818 cannoneer nanoless 2 t3s
vot blast rifle ego 5000 run-n-gun nano less
VOT distruptor ego 4176 potential triple damage single crit 3 t3s
VOT fragger ego 3818 stalker bio fully t3 modded
VOT long shot cannon ego 3818 run-n-gun 3 t4s
VOT long shot cannon ego 3818 rolling thunder 3 t4s
VOT mass cannon ego 3882 outlaw
vot mazu blast rifle ego 5000 survivalist electric
vot needler ego 3827 run-n-gun electric
vot needler ego 4662 outlaw fire fully t3 modded
vot needler ego 4786 rolling thunder syphon fully t3 modded
vot pulser ego 5160 grenadier nanoless
vot pulser ego 3882 quartermaster syphon fully t3 modded
VOt rebounder cannon ego 5000 run-n-gun
vot surge blast ego 4900 survivalist electric
vot surge bolter ego 4568 nanoless 3 t3s prepatch
VOT volte battle rifle mk iv ego 3882 veteran electric fully t3 modded

07-04-2014, 02:18 PM
Wats on that fire fury wanyu

07-04-2014, 07:00 PM
x0.95 reload
-0.10 recoil
x0.85 reload
25% of stowed
x1.10 firerate

07-04-2014, 07:04 PM
Il take it 50k?

07-04-2014, 07:06 PM
sounds good I'll group invite you on the character that has everything.

07-04-2014, 10:40 PM

07-05-2014, 08:57 AM