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07-04-2014, 09:33 PM
there are 33 guns and shields below,

500k will take all of them

Respark Brawler IV EX: 5471-Dmg Resist: Radiation
Rhino Brawler IV EX: 5491- Dmg Resist: Syphon
VBI HP-5 Wolverine: 5212- Lead, Stalker
FRC Particle Ulitmag: 5456- Syphon, Stalker
VBI AutoPistol: 5456-Radiation, Assassin
VBI TACC Autopistol: 5456- Fire,Cannoneer
VOT Volge Thunderer Pistol: 5371-Syphon, RnG
VOT Volge Thunderer Pistol: 5554-Syphon, Assassin
FRC Bull Rush 45: 5082-Bio, RT
FRC Magnum: 5440- Bio RnG
VOT Spanner: 5391-Grenadier
VOT Spanner Protector: 5112- Grenadier
FRC Assault Carbine: 3797-Radiation, RnG
VBI Assault Rifle: 5182- Lead, Cannoneer
VBI TACC Assault Rifle: 5027-Lead, RnG
VBI TACC Assault Rifle: 5456- Lead,Stalker
VOT Blast Rifle: 5082- Lead,Cannoneer
VBI GL-1 Ground Pounder: 5161- Stalker
VBI Grenade Launcher: 5471-Grenadier
VOT Tachmag Pulser: 5391-Syphon, Stalker
VBI SMG: 5020- Radiation, RT
FRC Sub-Carbine: 5182-Lead, QM
VOT Pulser: 5456-Lead, QM
VBI LM-12 Rocker: 5212- Lead, Cannoneer
VOT Disruptor: 5161-Electric, Grenadier
VBI LM-12 Thunder: 5368-Fire, Assassin
VBI LM-12 Thunder: 5471-Syphon, Stalker
FRC Birdshot Pump: 5476- Electric, Cannoneer
VBI PS-30 Slugger: 5491- Electric, Grenadier
VBI TACC Auto-Shotgun: 5391-Radiation, Assassin
FRC Particle Scattergun: 5212-Lead, Brutal
VOT Bolter- 5506-DBL DMG, Cannoneer
FRC Bolt Action Repeater-5212, Radiation, RnG

I also have a few more that will be going aswell in this bundle

GT: LiteSide NmE
IGN: Sklar

07-04-2014, 09:51 PM
If you can hold til in the morning I will bin this

07-05-2014, 08:28 AM
I was on from 6 to 9 am central time but needed to run a few errands. Hit me up later or just update when you think you might be on and we can do this transaction. Thanks