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07-06-2014, 05:18 PM
well i noticed people complaining about the one-sidedness of certain powers,especially in pvp

i was thinking perhaps powers could be improved abit,maybe like,somehow a scond tier of powers

this could perhaps be drawn from certain game bosses,even has abit of lore backing

for example,nim uses most of the ego abilitys (aside from overcharge,i dont remember seeing him use that)

except in a vastly enhanced form

with decoy,he spawns multiple decoys that counter attack,though they are easily dispatched

he seems to use normal blur alot,right up until he charges it for his "ram attack"

there was even a cutscene prior to the nim battle where cass was lamenting how nim`s ego device was "rediculously powerfull",so thereby,wouldnt that lay the lore foundation for a second tier of player powers?

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like with blur,my idea was that you could hold down the power trigger to charge up the ram attack,and then release the power trigger to send it off,the whole idea being is that while you are charging you take increased damage (much like the viscera with its ram attack),and of course that using the ram attack would entirely deplete your ego power meter thing

my idea with decoy tier 2 is that it would spawn anywhere from one to three copys of you,and these copys would attack any enemy within range of themselves...yet these copys could be easily dispatched,much like in the nim boss battle...again my idea for engaging it is that you hold down the power trigger and release,with this depleting the ego power meter

now im not sure what to do about cloak or overcharge,since cloak is much bemoaned for it`s lack of balance,and i dont have much data regarding enhanced overcharge

i was thinking perhaps with overcharge,the tier 2 version could be called "dominate",where the fire rate,accuracy,reload,etc etc,were all enhanced by a percentage (i know ego perks exist for some of these sorts of things,but the idea is that the proposed dominate power would do these things itself,so you could use your ego perk slots for other things),i suppose the dominate power could be like "10,15,20 seconds" depending on the amount of ego points fed into it,again the hold power trigger for charge and then release would apply,with the same depletion thing

now as for cloak,my only suggestion was that the tier 2 version should be something like "distortion field",whereby instead of invisibility,a shimmery distortion effect surrounds the player,reducing the accuracy of incoming bullets,grenades what have you,by a select amount,hold down for power charge,release for power spawn,and depletion apply here

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now take in mind the main features of these tier 2 things

hold down power button for charge,release power button for power spawn,upon spawn there is a complete depletion of the ego charge meter thing

and i suppose the vulnerability while charging could be used as a sort of condition for these tier 2 powers

also since the depletion would be per power spawn,id suggest that the amount of time these powers remain active is set,10,15,20

(also the idea i did there for cloak would allow it to be used as a defensive power rather than an insta-gib monstrosity)

i most favor my ideas for decoy and blur,i admit my idea for cloak and overcharge sound paultry,thats why i think input is much needed here

07-06-2014, 08:35 PM
maybe for overcharge, it can be upgraded to: Marksmen, which doubles or triples fire rate, reduces recoil by half, and increases accuracy by 50%.

Cloak, does not need upgrades, its broken enough as is.

They also need to add new EGO powers, like the shield wall the DM monitors can use, or what I will call "Adreno Surge", which could reduce DMG taken slightly, while increasing your DMG slightly, and add a 5-10% speed boost.

07-06-2014, 10:34 PM
ah yes i had almost forgotten about the shield wall that monitors use,yes that would be an excellent tier 2 ego power,most of the stuff for it is already there ingame

maybe things like shield wall could be an extension of cloak,that would replace it?so that in order to get shield wall you couldnt use cloak?im not sure how that would do

and your overcharge enhancement idea does sound a tad bit better than mine