View Full Version : Devs you had one job........

07-10-2014, 09:47 PM
Okay so instead of rewarding the players who have been let's say stupid enough to still play this game today after playing since the first week of release I may add. Okay so instead of rewarding us what do you do? You cater to the noobs whol be crawling on the ground next week from the war master because this went free to play. I tried 5 war masters (with decent enough players not the best) every time the armor didn't even crack and more than half of them were eating dirt of my shoes on the ground. So you had one job what do you do ? You cater to the lock breakers because when we wait we're "taking up time" for casual players mayb if half of you devs , people who talk on the live stream etc etc played the damn game your getting paid to work on this game wouldn't have gone free to play in the first place (a sorry attempt to squeeze more money out from the noobs) so congrats on patching a patch that's already been patched by your patches and your welcome for my patience.