View Full Version : Any word yet on an ETA for Server fix for PS3 NA

07-16-2014, 10:07 AM
If i by some miracle manage to get on, its for about 30 seconds before i time out. Like a masochist i even followed the BS suggestions trion gives out (deleting data, reinstalling patches) which took all night and did ABSOLUTELY nothing. I didnt expect it too, as it seems that this is a widespread problem on trion's end.
Im not trying to be a d*** here, but I wound up with a day off work (an astronomical rarity) and all i wanted to do was play defiance, but that is an utter impossibility.
I realize they're working on the xbox patch (can't piss off the entire community at once, and as usual PS3 players get the short end of the stick), but did you really have to waste 6 hours resolving the OJ shield issue, when (just guessing here on the numbers) 50% or more are unable to even stay on ur servers long enough to exploit a programming issue that wasn't at all detrimental to gameplay. I realize you dont want anyone to have it easy in this new f2p/p2w defiance you are creating, but seriously: FIX THE SERVERS.
Since day one its been a problem, and the biggest complaint back then: FIX THE SERVERS.
~Six months ago when i took time off because the game was becoming a little stale, the biggest complaint was : FIX THE SERVERS.
Right now as I'm sitting here staring at the 10th "time out" screen of the day and debating whether or not to try again in an hour, my biggest complaint: FIX THE SERVERS.
And once more in case you didn't get what im trying to say... FIX THE SERVERS.
And im not just talking about the "Connectivity Issues" they are "looking into" (God i hate that phrase, just admit you screwed something up and FIX it). I am talking about the overall gaming experience. Instances are laggy, staying with a group can be impossible and even when THE SERVERS were "working as intended" (love that one too) it was rare you could stay logged in without having to reset ur ps3 every half hour. No other mmo has problems on this scale that have been rampantly ignored and un-addressed.
This game has never failed to fall short of its potential and the main reason (at least in my eyes) is the server issues.
So my question is, while they are tinkering with the XBOX patch (that im sure will not share the same "connectivity issues" as its ps3 counterpart) how long until we have a legitimate ps3 server fix (at the very least to make them playable before they go back to ignoring the problem?

07-16-2014, 10:17 AM
A year and a have later we have our answer ---Never! We have to enjoy it as is or not at all unfortunately.