View Full Version : playing in a clan and ego rating

steve french69
07-24-2014, 09:35 AM
im currently playing in a clan where im at least 1000 ego higher than most anyone else on the clan..my question is does that effect the game negatively for my lowere level clan members..im only asking because I really enjoy playing with my clan mates,they are very cool..but I don't want to make the game harder for them

The Lady
07-24-2014, 10:06 AM
It only raises the threat level in areas where you are there with them. That shouldn't matter since your there with them. It does help them though if your over 5000 and the want to do the expert maps since you can group with them and take them in.

07-24-2014, 10:09 AM
whats ur ego lvl and someone might beable to give u a better answer then what i am. from what i know being a ow lvl clan member in my clan whenever the high 5k ego players in my clan deside to " come play beside me " it makes life a little harder for me becuse of the threat level riseing up. if ur in a range for your clan mates threat levels to stay near there own threat level (( mine when i play is around 3-4 at any given incursion ark fall or arke brake. sometimes lower depending on where i am )) then you should be fine. but if its 5-6 higher then what thy are normealy useto or it is level 10 then your looking ar some harder times for them. its all about threat level. if you dont knoiw what that is. but im asuuming you do. its the little yellow number in the little bomb icon next to your toons HP bars on the right hand side of it .

07-24-2014, 10:18 AM
Since the introduction of Threat Levels, the more people around and the higher their collective EGO Ratings, the harder the game is going to be. Lower EGO Ratings will scale upwards to be more in line with the enemies increased difficulty, but not quite to the same level as if their scaled EGO Rating were their actual EGO Rating. (I hope that made sense)

There is a tradeoff, however. The increase in difficulty also brings better rewards from drops as well as more XP and Weapon Skill XP. It will take them more rounds to drop an enemy, thereby allowing them to generate more points towards raising their EGO's and Weapon Skills.

I have a few clan members that are considerably lower rating than my main character and we run around together frequently. I usually tell them to allow me to aggro enemies first and then jump in while I have them distracted. Basically I tank for them, if that's a term you're familiar with.

steve french69
07-24-2014, 10:21 AM
thanks guys.....we were playing the other night and they were trying to explain how it all works(though im higher ego than them,iv been playing solo till I joined the clan,so my knowledge of playing along side others is limited)and I was trying to understand but I couldn't grasp what they were explaning...thought I might get answers here and not have to keep asking my clan mates stupid questions instead of playing the game and enjoying their companionship