View Full Version : Paying Money for Mods nobody wants or need anymore, pls check the Mods

07-26-2014, 09:42 AM
I only get "Close Quarters Buttstock IV" - Stock
I only get "Guerilla Buttstock IV" - Stock
I only get "Bionetic Amplifier IV" - Stcok
I only get "Infector" Mods IV

Nobody need that Mods! Even when buying Mod Boxes from Shop the Mod Generator start with the first Mods from above ... , after buying 5 or 6 in a row its changing a bit to "better" Mods !!!

I always get Run and Gun Connoneer Mods for Shotgun but never Quartermaster, only after buying a whole bunch u get may be 1, but no Recoil, only Scope...

PLs Forum Readers pls dnt tell me its Random ... 4 your all information Computers don't know Random! Its all Programmed, there is No Random in Computers ... only all programmed! And its from my Point of View bad programmed ... pls Devs test how many thousands of Euros a Player needs to put in for Mods before getting good Stocks or QM Mods for Shotgun?? That is not fair ..

I play since March last Year ... and I know from what I am talking about, I spend a lot of money ... and u need to buy many boxes in one time before getting "good" mods ... If u have a break one day or a few hours ... the mod Generator is always starting with Mods from above ... always BMG Bionetic something, Close Quarters..., Guerilla somethings , Infector etc... Thats not cool and may be not fair .. I need QM Shotgun Mods and good Mods, NO Melee Mods pls anymore!

Thats for me programmed "bad luck" random - spent 400Euro and u get a few good mods u were searching .. u never get the Mods u need for your weapons in your inventory .. programmed "bad luck" random eh??

Again frustrated and angry bout that

archon aka adrokier