View Full Version : So what exactly was the Beta for?

04-03-2013, 01:44 PM
If pretty much nothing got changed? Various problems were adressed that are still present in the game. Take the lack of ammo boxes at major Arkfalls for example, which was a noticeable problem during Beta, but only got fixed after feedback on Launch Day. Whats the purpose of having people play a Beta of your game then if you do nothing with the feedback received? In what way do you expect people to contribute to the development of the game? It is exactly what Betas are designed for.

One of the most notable key features still missing ofcourse is the lack of a proper chatbox. Either you get a 1 bar chatbox and the message even dissappears after 10 seconds, or you have to open a full chat box, making it not possible to play the game, to chat/discuss. I suppose the reason is that the game was designed for consoles and was later ported over to PC, but this should be a very easy thing to add to the game....

Furthermore, another notable problem that was adressed during Beta was the incredibly short multiplayer matches, especially in small-team matchmaking (6v6 in this case) the kill limit of 25 still exists, and matches usually last for less than 5 minutes. Add this to the rather unbalanced damage output of some weapons (sniper rifles, anyone?) and in its current state the multiplayer in this game is a laughing stock. It HAS the potential to offer an unique and very worthwhile Multiplayer experience, but not when all there is to it is playing Shotgun for 5 minutes on a map thats heavily biased towards close-range combat with its cover spam.

Really, it saddens me to see that I'm playing pretty much exactly the same game as I did two weeks ago during the final Beta weekend. This had the potential to become a very sophisticated game, especially in the Multiplayer department, but it seems that Trion either does not care how to game will be received by the public, or is not capable of taking on this task.