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07-30-2014, 05:07 PM
Hi people. I started playing a few days after F2P launch, so I've been messing around, reached EGO 2900-something, and have a load of questions to ask. Apoligies for possible wall of text.

I've bought a few epic mod hoards from faction vendors, the description says they are "mods with standard synergies". From the first two hoards, two mods from each were faction synergies (first two EGO precision, second Prepared). Are all "mod synergies" (i.e. [1]-[4] synergies) considered standard? I expected the ones you find weapons on the ground, Assassin, Rolling Thunder, Quartermaster and so on.

Furthermore, one of the EGO Precision mods was for a rocket launcher. There isn't one for sale at VBI vendor, and I have never seen weapons drop on the ground or as event rewards with EGO Precision, Prepared or Scavenger synergies. How is that supposed to benefit me? This issue was mentioned (http://forums.defiance.com/showthread.php?55951-Question-about-Faction-Synergy-Mods-and-Weapons-the-attach-to) a long time ago, is this still the case? I bought supply crates from both Top-Notch and VBI just to test, but I only got different versions of the weapons they already sell, and they all had no or just a loadout synergy.

More faction vendor questions: Are the rarity rolls on the weapons they sell static? If no, how often do they change? (I could put a notepad on my desk for my next game session to find out, but thought I'd be lazy and ask instead (I did search though)).

The other day I got a VBI BAS-7 Derailer bolt action sniper with stalker synergy (5% and 10% range bonuses). At first I thought it would be an ultra-sniper among snipers, but from some trial and error it seems range stat doesn't affect bolt action snipers at all. I seem to do the same damage regardless of range with any bolt-action, and I've shot enemies about as far away from me as they can spawn. Is this correct? Semi-auto snipers may have shorter range, I haven't tested it thoroughly though (love my double-crit + crit-barrel FRC bolt-action too much).

Do you still gain weapon skill experience with a mastered weapon? Yes and no have been correct answers at different times it seems, I've found conflicting info about this, and can't tell what the current state is.

Aside from the recent warmaster timer changes, is Nilxains guide still considered up to date (especially regarding weapon recommendations)? I still haven't seen him fall, and right now there seems to be a boycott or something with no one calling down majors. :p Haven't seen a major arkbreak in 4 days I believe, and I've played far too many hours each day.

07-30-2014, 05:19 PM
Hi, I am unclear on your questions..but it is probably me being dense. :)

This is all off the top of my head, so forgive me if I'm wrong...

The three synergies you mentioned, I believe you would find Prepared at Top Notch, Scavenger at Soleptor, and if memory served EGO Precision was from the now defunct Paradise Ventor ( someone please correct me!)

I'm not clear on if you understand how synergies work or I should say, stack, with mods. Forgive me if I sound patronizing, I truly apologize, but the synergy of the mod needs to match the weapon synergy to add those bonuses.

I strongly recommend you head over to defiancedata.com and poke around a bit. Etaew is an amazing data hound and I am suspect you will find better answers and explainations there. Welcome and enjoy!

07-30-2014, 05:32 PM
Don't worry, my post was probably dense as well. :p

I know how synergies work (X synergy mod for X synergy weapon gives synergy bonus, multiple matching synergy mods give multiple bonuses), the difference between loadout synergies and "mod synergies", and which faction for which synergy (EGO Precision is VBI vendor synergy, at Shondus consulate). The thing is, I have a synergy mod which has no synergy weapon to attach to, as no EGO Precision rocket launcher can be found (I can't find a good sniper to put my Prepared mods on either, but at least one exists). I know mods will still work without matching the synergy, it just seems strange. But that wouldn't be the only strange thing about this game, of course.

Edit: I have found lots of useful information at DefianceData, and I have looked for answers to these questions there as well.

07-30-2014, 05:38 PM
Sounds like you do have it under control.
I believe the problem is based on how mods are 'created' they design the mods and then a random synergy is assigned. What most of us do with it is use it on a 'backpack' synergy weapon.
Good hunting!