View Full Version : It's 9:45 PM est do you know where your server is?

08-05-2014, 06:53 PM
Not, eh...... to rush things guys but.....I have a strange idea.
take a week.
Maybe two.....
load up the Alpha.
find the Da' Vinci patent the original team kicked in there when Trion let them know PRE DEPARTURE that they were laying them off.

then retroactively load your patches , updates and recompile.

Betcha' it works.

No REALLY it just might.

I hope you understand this is purely constructive based on the many, many things I've heard over the last year and the simplest way to resolve your issues.

oh yes and one last thing.
The PS3 is based on a Linux OS ....MS compliant programming doesn't work so well.
You have to work a multi OS platform to make this work.
Semi -important.