View Full Version : Unintended Consequences or Devious Planning?

08-06-2014, 02:12 AM
Okay, I've noticed something since the patch. I understand they lowered the drop of keycodes and fixed the weapon skill exploit for high threat areas... but it seems they also nerfed item drops in general.

I solo Threat 1 emergencies along the road as I travel from place to place and I USED to get 3-4 items (mainly Commons) from them - and this is without the boost from gaining weapon skill or the like as it generally took me 40 or so emergencies to even gain Mastery on a weapon, much less a point of skill.

Combine this with less item drops in Incursions/Sieges/Arkfalls since other players aren't gaining skill like crazy (which drops items for all nearby) and weapons/shields are getting rare (even the commons). I've reset mastery on the BMG I'm using twice since I have yet to find another (even a white con) to help max out the skill (just into 19 on them now). So, did they not realize what they were doing or did they plan this to make players buy Lockboxes with bits (as it's much harder to buy them in game since you aren't getting the drops to sell/salvage for the higher keycode prices)?