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08-06-2014, 02:31 AM
Been playing through some content and was wondering a few things. Maybe someone can clear these up?

- Fast Travel Stations in Sillicon Valley, 2 of them which is fine. But why on each side of the map one? Isn't it much easier if a Fast Travel was planted somewhere in the middle of the map to shorten traveldistances in each direction? So far the new landmass and missions were only 'drive 1k miles here', 'now drive all the way back'. Good thing the new map had a lot of Grid-emergencies on it, else it would have been a boring ride!

- Why does travelling from main land to SV has to be such a needless excursion from going to Overpass to the Global Station and then go to Port Bruno Station (and maybe then even travel further to the south of SV)? Fast Travelling causes lag, and lag eventually causes to DC, especially on consoles! During peak times going from Shondu's to Overpass, from Overpass to the Global Station and from there to Sillicon Valley will get me DC'ed 3x before actually reaching Port Bruno. Isn't it much easier to be able to travel to SV straight away? Just like we can travel from the Earth Republic Camp to The Fork in one go?

- This also brings up the next question! When i'm done with my current activity i pull out the map to see where the next incursion or arkfall is taking place, and travel to the nearest Fast Travel Station to participate in that event asap. How can i see when being at the main land what event is going on in Sillicon Valley? Or do we have to travel the whole way there, going through all the needless and stupid re-directions, just to see there's no event going on in SV and we travelled all the way there for nothing? Which means, i do not only want to be able to travel to Sillicon Valley straight away... I also want to be able to see if the travel is worth it! As it is now we cant see on the map what's going on there when being on the main land, and that's uhm... BS :)

- Upon completing events like expert coops and Arkfalls i noticed some players having a '+' behind their names. What does that mean?

08-06-2014, 03:02 AM
Trion's servers are really unstable when it comes to handling a lot of information. Since you're in a small area, you won't crit out. That's just the price you pay for not being able to see the whole map.