View Full Version : Trion! why dont you want my money?

08-06-2014, 07:59 AM
is there a job title for the guy who designs the MISSIONS in a game, specifically a shooter?
if so you need to hire one of those ASAP!

just because we made do with open world events crammed into the map doesnt mean thats all we want from an expansion. players wanted an expansion ages ago, before sieges etc. what the hell would have been put into this land mass then? few minor arks?
"storyline" is no longer part of the game its voices in your ear talking about god knows what as you head to point A then B then back to A then C then B.
maybe its just me, and some bad timing, but i did the mission chain and then... NOTHING. nothing was going on... for the 10mins i drove around i came late to 1 minor ark fall and thats it. but the worst part of this is that i then returned to the mainland. this "expansion" turned out to be a neon sign of how pointless playing defiance now is. and well, theres nothing more to look forward to. maybe the urge for mindless violence will win me over but after this expansion, all i see is tedium.

remember side missions? missions that they make us do over and over for rep? where are those in silicon valley? i see a few structures, why cant a mission or 2 be put in? im gonna assume any rep based interaction over there will only include the siege type stuff and ye olde body count combat.
now i love the combat in defiance, but this is stripping it down to combat alone, where are the Devs who put a little effort in making this game a unique hybrid? because this Defiance has lost its soul.

please go back and remove von bach's re-emergence at the end of the true, original storyline.
he should have stayed dead and saved us the feeling of something more to look forward to.
"game over", roll credits, now go shoot stuff until you cant stomach another bullet.