View Full Version : Warmaster boss fight is such a bad design

Bored Peon
08-06-2014, 12:32 PM
This has got to be the worst encounter design ever. Here is why.

1. The damage output of the warmaster is WAY too high. You get touched by any of the electric balls you just instantly die unless you have all your armor plates. Which you wont have all of them after the first one hits you. I tried using the grounded skill to reduce the electrical damage. What a joke I was still one shotted every time after the first hit. Lets not forget the perfect timing of being one shotted before you even land after having to run back.

2. Attack pattern is too random and covers the whole room. When the warmaster spits out all them electric balls there is no real safe spot and you can not really dodge them effectively either. Never mind he spits out enough that you might dodge the first only to hit a another.

3. The armor is ridiculous. You supposed to aim and focus on a certain spot. Problem is you have no shot to that spot more than 50% of the time. Good luck getting everyone to focus on the same one. That would mean all standing in same spot so you all get hit because of problem #2. Never mind the fact that people will simply argue which is better to hit, then ignore and not cooperate.

4. Revives are rare. Everyone expects everyone to run back because they are too busy doing damage. Nothing worse than an encounter designed that you just constantly die and run back to complete it. Extract, run back, die in two seconds, extract, run back, die in two seconds, wow this is fun. Of course meanwhile some jackhole is running around leveling his pistol to level three instead of reviving the higher ego players that actually do damage. Totally clueless he would get more points reviving people than trying to shoot the boss.

5. Ego scaling. Does not work worth a @#$%. Yet you constantly have low ego players inside this event contributing somewhere between useless and worthless. The scores are the simple proof of that. You know how tiring it is to see yourself in the 100-300k score range yet you got a dozen guys who could not even break a 50k score?

6. Impossible to complete without a mass of players. Unless you can actually get enough players you are never going to do it with ten or so random players. Simply because of problems 1 to 5 this thing is deemed a waste of time so makes this problem even worse.

7. Completing the event too rare. If completing the event is so low then there is OBVIOUSLY a problem with it somewhere. This is Defiance, not WOW or RIFT with bunches of organized raids guilds. The encounters should be at a difficulty that a dozen or so random players that know what to do can beat it.

Making a "tough encounter" is NOT hard. Other MMOs have been following these four things for like a decade. Simply do the follow:
1. Have boss do high insane damage.
2. Give boss super amount of hit points and armor for damage reduction.
3. Give it mass area attacks that kills people in one shot.
4. Then put a timer on the event just to make it that much harder.

The only difference is other MMOs figured out the completion rate was too low then toned their boss fights back. Instead we get an "exploit" fixed that actually gave time to get enough RANDOM players to have a chance to complete it fixed. To a clan of 24 organized players that lock "exploit" did not mean @#$%.