View Full Version : Dear Trion Worlds , its more simple math

08-06-2014, 05:39 PM
hi., ^_^.,

this is not towards the devs or anyone here, unless YOU have had an effect on this..

now, let me trion make this simple and short, GG on that ..


okay, sooo, lets say I bought the game pre order, got the red car and outfit, then I sold several copies through referrals on twitch, even a few deluxe Editions back in the day, (sorry:/)

then later I also bought the Deluxe edition, that would make me an investment, or in some circles , a joke..

cause we all know how this is going to end..

soooooo, okay, we come to Season 2 ego codes, now everytime there has been a new code, shrill, shotgun murderface, I have gotten both items on both my XBOX AND PC accounts, well, other week, this wasn't the case with like biohazard or whatever,

so I sent in a ticket, I already knew from dealing with Trion WOrlds before what I was gonna get fed, some more BS,

yes this is why I think ppl like Kiwi really rock, cause they do a good job and keep what spine is left within this company..

okay, now, trion worlds tells me, oh, well you can only get one lock box on either your xbox or pc account,

wait what?

I can only get one? yes I know these are free codes, yes the lil lock box gave me more purple raggedy a!! weapons, but its About GP..

ive seen ppl catch a bad beat down on GP ALONE..

so,, trion worlds finally replies back with ,

"only one, either on xbox or pc"

wait, didn't I buy both, on both pc and xbox?

and don't you, trion worlds, ask us to link all our accounts to one? maybe this helps save some server space, not like it would matter much, nor does this thread and I already know from dealing with trion worlds from the start how shady they are,

sooooooo, its all pointless and not even a rant, guess you can say I like to drop a lil pebble into the ocean just for principle, think it helps me get things off my chest and not break things...


but like I said, didn't I buy two diff versions, pc and xbox?

yet I get punished for linking them? yes I know the lock boxes are a reward for us doing nothing, but watching the show or something,,

so its kind of like trion is doing something for us, like a I should feel privileged or something?

oh wow, look I got a lil lock box you normally have to pay for, lol, yea here's your purple weapons, wow much nice very often, lol, yea okay..

But like Dear Trion Worlds, do you think when you do ppl like this, who spent more hours playing this game then almost every other game in there life, investing money into your product, yes we all know that can be stupid to complain about, especially when I enjoyed the game, but im asking a real question,

do you think, a customer like me will ever shop with you again?

no it don't matter, there is plenty of ppl in this world with money and some are waiting on your new game to go public where you can squat land and build on it, MMO style, yes I know another company is working on this title, think trion worlds has something to do with its USA release, blah , blah,

but do you think ppl like me will buy anything at full price or even half off from you again?

and my real question is this, do you have any kind of respect or understanding of how many ppl follow some of us outside of this game or forums and how much of a real head ache some of us could group up and get together to really just slam and show no real care or respect towards you or your products?

or is that is whats needed here? for someone to actually have enough voice to make you open your eyes to us?

just like the things I seen with trick, it seems there is a god complex with this game companies and some of there designers, do you not think, someone will ever form or group up to make or give us a voice?

did you not MLK was real? last time I checked ppl like this was real, I just find it completely stupid to not think about your future and how you handle things like Customer support,

like I don't care about your lock boxes or your freebies, I only care that YOU & other COMPANIES like you, pimp us out..

yes you do, I have literally sold your product, then turned around and felt dirty about it once the smoke and mirrors went away, lol, you get my point or I hope you do..

you act shady or say "I can only get a reward on one account, yet I paid for two diff ones of two diff systems then you wanted us to link them..

how does that work in your favor? this is just digital content rem? its not real, we will never own it, yet we still buy items from you with bits and have, knowing we wont ever own anything and no telling how long we get to enjoy it before its nerfed and ruined or the game/servers die...

I hope YOU @ TRION WORLDS, promote and let some of these DEVS who we , this community, the core of it, the ones who are still around here, I hope you take the devs we think are real and good and let them run your entire fkn company,

because your ability to keep ppl, or have them spend money with you in the long run has already placed you at the bottom, you are holding your self down now and its over stupid things like this..

I often ask myself is trion ran by like the Chinese or Japanese and they just don't like ppl?

sorry to say it that way, cause that's a kind of shallow racists remark almost, but that's how I feel..

I feel like your fkn slave that you view as "oh well, we can just lynch you and go out to the field and get another one"

I couldn't imagine if I had the freedom to word this the way it should be, but I actually have respect for ppl I don't know in real life, I also respect the thoughts and stuff of others way more then you ever will or could.

Unless you ONE DAY listen to us and not some of your SOLO, ROGUE, god complex having ppl that DO work for you...

Kiwi for Pres of RIOT...

you need a lot, fair, balanced thinking ppl if you want your future to remain in video games, or either you can be like the TERAS out there,

oh and don't believe me?

go and look on twitch right now and see where ALL of your games rank In viewers or popularity,

I bet loaded has more viewers right now..

GG,, ^_^.