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08-06-2014, 06:12 PM
Befor I say any thing else yes I have a right to complain I bought and own the CE Edition and all of the DLCs and have bought from the Cash store. So yes I have supported you and your company I have a right to complain I even was considering pre 2.2 of having a subscription That is how much I enjoyed the game and I have even got more people to come to the game and this nerf is going to get all of us to quit at this rate I am goign to stick it out for the time being but I refuse to buy from the store or get a patron pass I only support people that try to help them selves not people that are demanding Tribune from me if I am going to have anyone do it to me I will play CIV 5 and I will not take it from them.

Come on We need to receive better rewards from doing events come on. I did 2 Incursions 3 Ark Falls and 2 Sedges in each of them I scored high places except 2 and I only made 3K script for rewards 4 Ark Keys. How is this fair? How is this worth playing?. My DAD made even less than me.

Then lets get to Item drops they have been nerfed I Only received blues, Greens & Whites. I made more off of them 13K to be more accurate.

Then I some how managed to get enough keys to get a lock box tier 4 only to find instead of making money I lose on selling the items that came from the lock box I know they are a gamble so this is a low priority.

Please I am asking nicely Please fix this nerf and start listening to your customers so you will make more money. Do you all know that Kennedy Lowered taxes and as a result the federal Government made even more money Follow this advice and stop ruining your game please.

I will say this I have been having less can not connect to server problems and I do like how the new area looks and love that there are more events to do thank you for that.

08-06-2014, 06:18 PM
Or you could stop by the bit store and give Trion your money :p

08-06-2014, 06:26 PM
Or you could stop by the bit store and give Trion your money :p

=P They wish but no I should not have to be like this : Yes I need to get into the store and by things I understand that this is how the game keeps going along with sponsors and I would be more than willing to pay for a patron pass If things wouldn't be nerfed so bad I would even accept min rewards but they have to be better than we are getting now