View Full Version : understanding balance

08-06-2014, 07:48 PM
when i read about the change in the price of keys in game, i noticed the word balance used in the description. whenever i read the word balance, my mind conjures up the image of just that, a balance. im sure everybody knows what one is... except the devs at trion.

without going into too much detail, a balance is simple. you put things on each side, with the goal of the two sides remaining equal. the price of keycodes went up drastically, which means they cost MORE. the amount of keycodes you receive from an arkfall or siege went down, which means you get LESS. now correct me if i am wrong, but if you put MORE of something on one side of a balance, and LESS of something on the other side, then the balance becomes unequal.

in order to clarify the situation for new players (and some confused veterans like myself) i thought i would amend the patch notes to read correctly and alleviate the issue.

the new notes read as follows:

* To unbalance the accrual rate of Keycodes, we have increased the purchase cost of Keycodes on Lock Box Merchants, lowered the rewards gained from score in events, and minimized equipment drop rates from enemies. Bit store lock box prices will remain unchanged.