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08-07-2014, 11:18 PM
Despite the broken chat - voice AND text - which bugs me most right now - honestly, I actually had a bit of fun in game tonight. I have to admit I hate this game atm less than I want to. So much still broken it's just not QUITE the game it could be. That I used to hope it could be.
We bounced around SV doing grid, trying. 4 more ego points until I max out. Had fun except for a few glitches. No hard freezes, one restart for me just to be on the safe side. I have to admit that's better than it's been in quite awhile. Maybe just pure luck.
I have to admit I really like the Durango, faster than other cars and handles the terrain very well. It's my new go to for what little time I have left.
These things are not quite enough to keep me coming back like I once did.
Yes, I really will be moving on. Forever? I hope not but I fear yes. It's just a bit sad, even when I get REALLY hacked off at the situation it's my first MMO. I made most of my friend here, in game and via the forums.
Tonight there were 5 of us. Still stuck at 4 in a group. It worked out well that I need to get to bed so I can get up one more time for work. Well that's a crappy sacrifice, right? I have to actually leave to give my other friend a spot. It would've been better if clan chat wasn't so dark...really really hard to communicate.It would've been really better if voice chat worked, geez! Or if after all this time we could form raid groups with, say, more than 4...
I wish Defiance could be more player-retention oriented. We've moved into fast turnaround instead and so many things remain untended. It could be so amazing, so unbelievabley GREAT as a game for a long time to come, especially for consoles. We need an MMO we can sink our teeth into and never let go. This was MY GAME for over a year. That says so much but the state of things at this point say so much to the contrary for any longevity. It's sad when you look at a thing that could have been. Like a lost love "if only".
I absolutely know I'm rambling but these are my thoughts atm. I'm going to stop quick now before I turn into one of those text walls we all love so much.
Enjoy, fellow arkhunters. I fear our time is shorter than it should have been. I will never forget or regret the time spent among you all.
I'll be doing the slow fade...can't quite stop just yet.

08-08-2014, 12:10 AM
Hah! My first MMO too. Don't think I'll be adding to the list unless Undead Labs does make that Class 4 MMO. Not an experience I want a repeat of but for that I'll make an exception. Slow fade is better than a Houdini vanish. If nothing else you can do the new stuff as it comes out until you get to the point where you absolutely can't muster the will to log in or the servers shut down. Sorry you're down about it and all really am.

08-08-2014, 12:20 AM
My first MMO was MAG and i stoped playing because i wasn`t very good at shooters back then, and the game was pretty good but console players in general only see COD or BF.

My second MMO was DC Universe, but i don`t know if it really counts because i must have played only 2 or 3 hours max.

This one captured my attention because it was easy to play and super fun, a very stress free game...but the game turned the wrong turn long ago with the Arktech "dlc".
Still, the game that i played more hours in a console is Champions of Norrath Return to Arms on the PS2, almost 10 years later i still have friends that i made playing that game in my friends list. The chase of the loot in that game was great and very satisfacting, it puts to shame games like Diablo.

I agree with Drama post and i feel almost the same.