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08-13-2014, 07:43 AM
Not sure if the game mechanics questions come to this section of the forum.

Let's say a unit has hp,shield and armor. At arkhunters example, the shield goes down first; then the hp.Once you have neither, you are dead. You cannot (as far as I know), lose your hp without losing your shield. Is this the same for enemy units? (e.g. 99ers, volge)

Based on the information avaiable on the nano-effects:
Fire : Good vs HP
Electrical: Good vs Shields
Bio: Good vs armor
Radiation Eficient vs units with full armor
Syphon Lower damage but increases suvivaibility

But from what I've tested, if you shoot a fire effect weapon to a volge, you do damage to both shield and hp. I assume the damaged is split somehow. If it's 50/50 then 2 players having one electrical and one fire should do together the same damage as 2 players having no nano effects. Is this true?

From my understanding in an "ideal" team you would have the biological weapons upfront to take the armor, then electrical for the shields and then fire for the hp. Snipers should have radiation since they usually target the units from far away and most likely no nano effects are applied prior to their hits.

So as a "solo player" at a volge siege you should go with radiation since it's not dependent on the others arkhunters nanos.

Also, where can I find which unit what does which type of nano damage. I like to go on volge siege but my endurance is very limited. Which nano resistance is the best vs volge?

Thank you.

08-13-2014, 08:31 AM
From what i experienced, i never seen any damage doing dmg to both shield as HP, its always shield first, then HP (once shield is gone).

non-nano weapons deal the same damage as biologic, apart from the armor plate damage.

If 2 person use non-nano weapons (assume no armor plates) they both start with -25% dmg against the shield, then normal damage against health.

If 2 persons use elec and fire, elec start with 50% bonus, fire with -50%, same story for HP.

So in total, the 2 non-nano weapons deal lesser damage (2x 75 = 150, while other do 150+50 = 200) then the 2 using elec and fire.

Yesterday i got my radiation EMC, i noticed that its damage is more 'reliable' then using fire or elec, so now i solo i run a Bio/radiation setup to do the most 'avarage' damage against most mobs.

But as you say, the best setup indeed is Bio -> Elec -> Fire, however the Elec is doing less dmg on health, while fire doing less dmg on shield.

Volge resistance is kinda annoying, bombers do blast, Trooper i think electric (not sure) and Viscera does melee and elec (again, not sure). My current tactic, run and shoot, run and shoot :D

08-13-2014, 08:44 AM
This should help.


Defiancedata is the best resource for anything about the game.