View Full Version : Da hell is going on with this game

08-13-2014, 10:13 AM
Month ago (for me):
- lags from time to time, no biggie
- Crash from time to time, disconnect from time to time. No biggie.
- Pvp, seemd fair. Stronger ppl are obviously stronger.
- Pve, took some time and arkforge to get good weapons.

- From time to time there are no lags, horray! Seriously, this game is unplayable.
- Ive maganed to fix the "Not enough video memory", so thats good. Disconnects still are riddiculus, especialy when I get em durring sieges, and after relog land in a different sub-server, or with score 0.
- PvP, well this one is kinda disturbing. Pretty much I dont care that you throwed strong ppl with weak ppl so strong ppl can get more frags, but for god sake: bots? Speedhacks? Do something with it. Report button maybe?
-PvE, ok encrypted weapons are acceptable, cuz someone could buy arkforge for bits and upgrade any weapon as much as he wanted what was pretty much p2w. But decrased rate for keycodes? At least you could increrase drop rate from chests so ppl that can afford bits can actualy get anything back from it, and ppl that take their time in game for farming keycodes had anything from it.

In the end only thing I cant really deal with are lags that force me to alt+f4. gg no re

08-13-2014, 02:03 PM
Yeah, the crit out has returned with a vengeance after these recent patches.
I never seem to lag out like you do though.. but when my game crashes, it crashes HARD, like BSOD and have to reboot.