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08-13-2014, 01:06 PM
I was hoping to gather some information, suggestions and ideas on what possible events we could run or ask Trion to run on our behalf.

Previous weekly livestreams had a death march type event where a Trion member livestreamed and people jumped to them and they went from event to event.

What possible other events could we as a community on our own, or Trion organise and run for us within the limitations of the current game?

08-13-2014, 01:19 PM
I'd like to see a grouped PVP type event created. Blurring easter bunnies are not welcome :mad: ;)

08-13-2014, 01:26 PM
Potentially some interactable objects which provide a reward, hidden around an area and disappear, Tarr Traxx Crate style.

08-13-2014, 01:29 PM
So far I set up two of my own community events. I was stunned at the success of them and there a huge demand for them even from the devs. I really think events ran by the team would help bring a lot of players back.

08-13-2014, 01:35 PM
So far I set up two of my own community events. I was stunned at the success of them

Sorry for my ignorance, what did you do for your events? :)

08-13-2014, 01:40 PM
A dueling tournament and a death march

Infinity Eagle
08-13-2014, 02:45 PM
How about the vendor emergencies that sometimes spawn, having purple mods or a really good weapon in them. And really make them spawn at random all over the map so you have to look for them.

08-13-2014, 06:10 PM
Potentially some interactable objects which provide a reward, hidden around an area and disappear, Tarr Traxx Crate style.

Really like this idea ! i ♥ scavenger hunts ! Maybe the thorough ark hunter that finds them all gets a unique title ?

I'd like to see some sort of sight-seeing type log or event, like interact points are placed in sweet spots around the Badlands that are out of the way spots with sweet views. Vistas i've heard them called. Maybe we even take screen shots from up on high as the sun is setting or rising and maybe the sweetest screenshot wins something, i don't know. Also, this game has one of the sweetest lens flares i have seen ! i understand that a screenshot competition would be PC only though so something for 1/3 of the players might not be proper, sadly.

A few of the vets in my clan are all about getting to hard to reach spots as something fun to do, and the Badlands are a really beautiful place ! i'd love to see an event that took us to some of the more scenic spots.


Below is a possible scavenger hunt or scenic vista location, do note that blur is needed to get here.


Even if there was just a thread for screenshots here and once a month Kiwi chose her favorite one and gave the uploader a 2 hour rep boost or something that would be sweet ! Can we gift boosts ? maybe i'll just start my own screenshot thread ! With hookers and booze ! Mohito !


08-13-2014, 07:04 PM
Warmaster Wars

The way the game is now, no one is able to kill the Warmaster anymore. This is an event that already exists, but since it's timed, success is minimal.

What if we organize a calendar: this day, this time, is "Warmaster Wars"? Arkbreaker DLC owners would sign up for that and commit to call down Major Arkfalls all day long. Trion would just supply Major Arkfall Impact sites all day long.

With a small group of people calling Majors, but a giant group taking part in all of them, MAYBE we could bag a few Warmasters along the day.

Everything already exists in the game. Defiance Data ran a Lockbox giveaway recently that had a signup form, so it could be adapted to only differentiate between PS3/XBOX/PC NA/EU servers. Eack Arkbreaker would sign for its apropriate server/platform. Schedule a Warmaster Wars event for a Saturday or Sunday, so everyone can play, and letīs hit the damn monkey.

08-13-2014, 07:22 PM
and letīs spank the damn monkey !
Pretty sure that's what you meant, hehehe.

Yes, ♥ this idea !
I know my clan's founder tried to organize something similar a week or two ago but there was a real lack of interest, sadly. We ended up doing minor arkfalls all day as it seems that the rewards to investment ratio is better. Forge wise, at least, the novelty of those slow Volge guns already wore off for this new player, but i'm always up for some monkey business mainly for the chance at another Zagger or Needler. Pretty sure he drops guns i haven't even seen yet.

But yeah, if Trion will make more/all of the minors into majors that would be great for a sunday of monkey spanking !
I've got spikes and piles of scrip and a loadout called monkey business ready, count me in !

08-13-2014, 08:02 PM
put the whole map in a shadow war