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08-13-2014, 11:13 PM
Well aware that this post most likely will get removed and med banned from the forums, I still have to speak up.
I would like to state that I do enjoy playing defiance and I do like the concept of the game.
But when that is said, of late, latest changes have made this game uninteresting to me.

I will now list some of the reasons why Defiance has reached this status to me.

1) Empty servers.
Defiance is a MMO. There for the servers should be crowded. A game must hold some sort of co-op before it is interesting to me. I want to play games with my friends and meet new friends. I see the empty servers as a respond, from the gaming community, to Trion as a farewell. And many of my friends have said that and wowed they will never buy another Trion game again.

2) Pay-to-win
The free-to-play bit is to me a cover-up for introducing Pay-to-win. We see this as the drastically reduced numbers of keycodes and arkforge, which have been made essential in order to get better weapons. Top this up with the outrageous prices we are offered to buy the illusive arkforge and we got the worst concept in gaming. Pay-to-win.

3) No fun playing
The repetitive tasks/quests/pursuits etc. has made defiance boring. The has to been something new. Something to entertain us. Something to achieve.
I will however agree that Trion is trying, but it is not working. As I see their efforts, we gamers are runners trying to do a race, and Trion, every time we get close to the finish line, they prolong the race. Same stuff just takes a bit longer. Boring!!
Bring in something really new. Like clan halls and clan outfits and cars. Or let us make events, not just death marches, but incursions, sieges and arkfalls. Introduce weapon forging. And make it so everyone can afford it.

4) Progress - Sense of purpose
There also has to be an experience of progress. A sense of purpose. Both in game and on the forums.
It is not very smart, for whatever reason, a statement was made that, we gamers, were playing the game wrong. To be fair, this is second hand information to me, but it goes very well in line with my other experiences. But if we gamers are not playing the game as Trion wishes, then try to change the game dynamics in a way for us to do so. Do not go blaming the community for undesired gaming behaviour when you, Trion, have the full control over the dynamics.
Another thing. Making forums where we, gamers, can help you, Trion, to make the game work better by submitting error/bug reports, and many do, but we get ignored. At best we get a reply, but nothing gets fixed. Only bug that are beneficial to the gamers gets fixed. If Trion think they lose out on a bug, it gets fixed the day after. But when it improves the gaming experience it takes forever if it ever gets fixed.
By going at it like that people gets the feeling that Trion do not care about their community, and the community are returning the favour.
In game progress has been terminated as well. As I mentioned in 2) Pay-to-win, it is now nearly impossible to accumulate arkforge, which is essential for progress in Defiance. After the latest patches I would be lucky if I could get 500 arkforge in a month. Which to me is ridiculous, since the demand for arkforge is growing each day. 2 week ago I summed up my need for arkforge. If I was to upgrade all my weapons to highest rarity. You know what, I needed 34.000 arkforge. And this is not including any rerolls of a weapons mastery. This is wrong!! And my appreciation for does not cover that timeframe.

Where does this leave me?
I will most like get banned. Feeling a bit depressed that a game that could be so great is not. But still at peace, because I too, will not buy or spend any money on a Trion game ever again. I simply cannot see why. If Trion does not change how they treat their users, I won't participate. I cannot trust Trion not to screw me over again.
But if Trion suddenly decides to wake up, and try to mend things by sorting out the issues I have with Defiance in its immediate state, I won't hesitate keep playing. Looking forward to what action Trion will take.
Best of luck.

Yours truly

08-14-2014, 12:43 AM

08-14-2014, 12:51 AM
It seems since F2P, TRION has really dropped the ball..

1. Thank most the recent changes for huge drops in players.
2. It was always a little there, but man... again - the recent changes made it impossible for the F2P crowd & a severe backstab for the veterans & old players.
3. It is fun. For sometime, then you just get bored indeed - not much innovation or anything.
4. Well there is... EGO.. right? Oh wait, they screwed this over too...

Same here, I really want to play the game but the recent changes have left me so mad.
Used to spend a great deal of time & money on it, not worth it anymore - even in the slightest.

TRION get your stuff together!

Cheers & greetings,