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08-18-2014, 05:05 PM
Hello I am new to defiance. I was playing Firefall for a year and half then I got so disappointed, the recent patch dev intruduced was.......sigh... so I was looking for another mmofps then found this game.(I knew about Defiance already but did not play this because I was playing Firefall so much)
I am sure veterans here must have seem some big patches that made you so disappointed and frustrated. But my experience so far isn't that bad.
Well, one thing I can tell for sure is, this game has more fireworks, more bullets in the sky! and I like that. Hope dev here won't nerf weapons in the name of 'balance'.

OK it was all good until today. I was doing arkfall in the big red circle. Did small arkfalls within with random people then finally got into the last boss, this time it was big Darkmatter robot with 4 legs. I did pew pew hard and rescued people as much as I could. I got 74k score at the moment. Expecting a good reward:) Then, there was a huge lag...... it was unplayable.(I think it was my internet problem. Some people in the chat said it was laggy but some people were fine). After a minute of seeing everyone teleporting, lost connection to the server finally. When I logged back in, which took about 10 seconds, I did not have any point from that arkfall event:eek: and I was teleported to nearest spawn point.
It would be nice if the game server keeps the information for a minute after a player log off. I almost had it:(

08-18-2014, 11:39 PM
When you are disconnected your character is rewarded for what ever points you have at the moment. So you are rewarded scrip, keys and arkforge for the score you have at disconnect. Not really sure about weapon loot.

There's talk about a grace-period so when you log in again after a few minutes you'll still have your score but if you give up and go do something else when disconnected you'll get rewarded as now but that is not implemented yet and there is no time frame for it as far as I know.

Funnily enough a lot of players I know are migrating from this game to Firefall at the moment (or waiting for Destiny) and we already had the big nerf patch - It was actually very recently with 2.2 nerfing rewards into the ground not allowing people to get keys and arkforge anymore or at least at very slow rates. They've done some weapon nerfs (and buffs) in the past but nothing too bad imo. The next patch though is going to suck even more, since they will nerf a few perks that I use extensively in all my loadouts so there's that.

Edit: Lucent describes the frustration of the vets very well in her song here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-t0TQWLHcQg