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08-19-2014, 11:39 PM
********Well bugger this is longer than expected, if you read it all have a cookie*********

So many of you have vented your spleens about the 'long fulfilling chase' that the Devs spout in Defiance. I have a comparison that you all may appreciate with the release of Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls on consoles.

First off I will start with D3:RoS which I have played on PC since release, for better or worse, then compare to Defiance as seen from my observations of the communities opinions. So let's start, both assume you have only JUST bought the full game and have no friends/contacts in either game and spend no money in the Bit store in Defiance (would of said the same if the RMAH was still around for D3, but nope, they where smart and got rid of it)

Diablo 3: RoS, an action RPG where you kill monsters to gain experience and loot. We all know of the Diablo franchise or Torchlight or any of the other spin off games. You basically kill thousands of monsters, level your character and hope you get some sweet loot in the process.

So as a new buyer into D3:RoS, what's the long chase? What is the goal? Basically to hit max level then be able to farm the hardest content which is Torment 6 Rifts currently (soon to be Greater Rifts in 2.1). That's nice and all but you need to start somewhere:

You install and pick a character, say you liked the necromancer in D2 or just like pet classes so you pick the witch doctor (the class I play and know best). You do some VERY basic research, pick your toon and name it and get killing.

This starts the first of many long fulfilling chases: Finish act 1. This leads to finishing acts 2-4 for the original content then act 5 which is Reaper of Souls story aspects. By this point you may of gotten some nice gear, some legendaries or set items and a load of gold.

This leads to chase 2: Upgrading merchants/crafters to be able to make you better gear. They start at level 1 and go to level 12 and cost a decent chunk of change, it's a mini goal you chase after, it keeps you playing and interested, also the gear you can make at end game is end game quality (with the right rolls).

now you have finished the story mode and are presented with a new game option: Adventure mode. You can do this or redo the story again until your level 70. Either way it doesn't take too long to hit max level. That is another mini chase, a little goal on the way to the final goal. When you hit 70 you get a sense of achievement (and an actual achievement to boot) and you start working on grinding gear through the torment levels in Rifts (via adventure mode content) or via doing the story for bits you missed (Rifts are more efficient btw).

now at level 70 fresh your gear will be crap and your progression up in difficulty levels will be surprisingly fast up till torment 3 or so, when you need to start to be picky and do research. This is where the real chase comes in, upgrades become fewer and your requirements get more specialized. However your always getting little bonuses via Paragon Levels (once you hit 70, exp earned goes to leveling your paragon level where you get points to spend on 4 categories). These add up and make for a sense of achievement as every new level you add a little more to your characters strengths.

Eventually you hit torment 6 content and have hit near the end of the chase, just perfecting gear and playing around with optimizations via enchanting etc of gear.

Now Defiance has the long grind where you can go for long periods and not get a good drop, or even a useful one (personally I've gone over 600 EGO levels and not found a weapon upgrade at all).

You start with nothing and build up, EGO levels happen pretty fast, I would say almost too fast at lower levels as drops do not compensate, you can make do but it does get grindy with bullet spongy enemies due to lower damage potential than having closer to level weapons/shields.

Also the currency dropping with the nerf has made the chase to upgrade items, buy lockboxes or simply progress in any way outside of ego levels so slow and grindy it feels like a Korean MMO, spending 10 hours to gain 10 points in mining running around a quarry or something. It does not feel rewarding enough.

Doing major arkfall events is rewarding me hardly any useful currency (keys and arkforge) so I may gain levels and gear to break down, I don't gain upgrades and cannot upgrade what I'm already using because I'm not getting enough currency, which results in lower score in the end, less currency and less reward...see the spiral? Yes you get bumped up in EGO power and you can compensate and still score good, but not as well as if you got something useful more often, even a minor thing.

With Defiance your able to offset this 'bad luck' via the Bit Store, however the prices are unreasonably high and with many of the nerfs lately it seems people are unwilling to open their wallets when they have the feeling the game isn't going to limp past the new year with a healthy population. it may make it to 2015, but at the speed it's loosing players, I wonder how many will actually be playing still.

Ah well, went off topic there.

The comparison in my disjointed post is that D3:RoS has a better designed and paced 'long fulfilling chase' that is broken up into mini-chases on the road that makes every little bump get smoothed over because you just got that act finished, or you finally got your gemcutter leveled to level 12 or can finally do Torment 4 without constantly dieing after days of farming.

In Defiance there doesn't seem to be those little happy bumps along the way currently (I'm ignoring drops in this as RNG is RNG.you could get 20 legendaries in either game and make you feel awesome, but you could also have 2 weeks and get nothing and feel like leaving...it's RNG). It's just a long chase, nothing really fulfilling about it.

To fix it more currency needs to be rewarded for events, less loot but better (said in livestream that this is going to happen so good) and maybe messing around a little with the lockboxes a tad more (they are doing that with the current hotfix but no idea how it will work out).

Defiance is a good game I just with I had more of a sense of 'wow! gee wizz! golly!' and 'sweet I needed one of them!' or finally 'Nice I can finally afford to upgrade this!' without having to farm for weeks on end.

Remember little and often is better than big and widely spaced, people have sort memories for good and long memories for bad. Human nature.

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I want my cookie. And don't long fulfilling chase me bro. Just gimme the skruggin cookie.

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Good news is I have cookies, bad news is they are lead flavored, good news is they are hot

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I can provide those myself. You sir are a charlatan. I call shenanigans on you! :p

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I want a cookie for reading it all and for every time you spelt "the" wrong (teh) lol. :cool:

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I want a cookie for reading it all and for every time you spelt "the" wrong (teh) lol. :cool:

Yeah I know it's a bad habit I have when I speed type and don't proof read.

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Well... the chase part actually works... they chased alot of people right out of the game.

08-20-2014, 06:59 AM
Well... the chase part actually works... they chased alot of people right out of the game.

LOL, +10 for you....

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Well... the chase part actually works... they chased alot of people right out of the game.

OMG suddenly the true meaning of the phrase comes clear! Not OUR chase, THEIR chase!

08-20-2014, 07:10 AM
OMG suddenly the true meaning of the phrase comes clear! Not OUR chase, THEIR chase!

So it's more of a "GET OFF MY LAWN" chase than it is a "I really want that and will have to work for it" chase.

It all seems to clear to me now.