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08-21-2014, 11:54 PM
Trion take a look at BLACK FRIDAYS in real world business put things on sale at awesome prices and they make alot of money, maybe u should do this as well year round.

Trion I respect that your a business trying to make money but a game any game can't be so HARD or to EASY or players of that game will ether quit and not play and or ask you to change your game so that its in the middle not to hard and not to easy but just right, I understand that there is a proses to finding the middle ground.

But there has been alot of people posting and asking you to listen to your players that play your game.

The last few patch you have added encryption and you did this because of all of the BIG SELLERS of Legendary'S
were not making any scrip in game any more because people could just make there own Legendary s.

So these MAIN SELLERS cried to you and you came out with encryption to fix there problem.

I think there is a way to make everyone happy you could have made it so that there would be a 50% chance for a item to be encrypted or not then both partys would be happy and more people would buy ark forge in your defiance store.

TRION The whole reason why u Nerfing things in the game what you change in your game is $$$$$$$$$$$MONEY$$$$$$$$$$$ and there is no other reason. It is 100% the reason for what you do to your game.

Here are some of the things you have done to your game to make money.
1. Having programmers in India rewrite your program because you can pay them alot less then you would have to pay for American programmers that would do a better job. And in doing so the India programmers add alot of programing code that is unnecessary, from them doing this you hive alot of problems with your game like GLITCHES, people that play your game CRICT out of your game daily.

2. Ark Forge, Encryption, Keys: Before encryption ark forge was hard to get but not as hard as it is now since you lowed the about the T2 boxes, the reason u did this is to try to force people to buy bits in the defiances store, this does not makes sense now because of encryption just about every purple items ar encrypted so now this no point of buying ark forge in the defiance's store that just makes me and other people say to our selves what was the point of that and makes no sense.

Now for keys you get from just about very thing u do in defiance. 200,000 points in anything is the cap you will get 17 keys and 15 Ark Forge if your in a clan that is level 3,000 the keys you get would be 34keys. Ok this does not make sense to have and 25 key capacity upgrade in the defiance story its just make us all think no wonder why Trion Is losing money and not making any.

3.Backpack: You have put a put a cap on the caring capacity for ur characters, again you have in you defiance store to buy 15 slots and or caring capacity. This is another thing that makes no sense.

4.Outfits & vehicles: 75% of the outfits in your defiance store are just a different color from the ones you earn in game, 25% are different and can't earn in game. If you made all the defiance store outfits 100% different form the ones you earn in game just about everyone would ether want to buy them all and or think about it and that's 75% more people spending money in your defiance store.

Vehicles: There are only 3 vehicles you can't earn in game and one you can't get because everyone that didn't preordered can't get the red doge charger. The other 2 you can buy other then that all your vehicles in your store are just a different color.

So yea think about these things and I bet if you change these things people would spend ALOT MORE MONEY in your defiance store. Most likely 90% more money then u are already making.

Players reading this if you would spend more.money in the defiance store if they lowered ARK FORGE to $5 for 1,000 Ark Forge , cut everything else in half of the price of what they are listed in the defiance store. Just post !!!! BLACK FRIDAY!!!!