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08-22-2014, 11:33 AM
Did they do the lag patch? Just wondering because I logged in on NA PC server and It was fine for like 5 min then mobs started running in place and so on until disconnect.

08-22-2014, 11:40 AM
Lag is worse than ever, tried to do Explosions 101 4 times, lagged out each time.

08-22-2014, 12:06 PM
tried doing about six co-op maps and got lagged out and d/c every freaking time. lagg patch my freaking you know what, cause i ready checked with my ISP and the problem is not on my end.

08-22-2014, 12:07 PM
All I set is killed by invisible stuff, I can hear shooting and monster sounds, and other players in vehicles and stuff, but it looks like I have the game to myself.

08-22-2014, 12:08 PM
The title to this thread sums it up nicely. The patch added even more lag to the game.

08-22-2014, 12:12 PM

08-22-2014, 12:51 PM
Yesterday i hardly had any lag. I'm about to play in about 2 mins, feed back in about an hour.

08-22-2014, 12:53 PM

08-22-2014, 01:42 PM
I played for an hour and a half, maybe an hour and 45 minutes and it ran great, logged out to eat, came back and was greeted by lag city -it seemed worse then it was yesterday

08-22-2014, 01:47 PM
They launched the latest Archeage beta today, runs thru 8/27. I know they're on separate server setups etc. but I have to wonder if the lines are crossed someplace. Makes no sense that it would be worse.

I won't know for a couple hours if it's worse for me, I'm at work.

08-22-2014, 01:59 PM
Did they do the lag patch?

Technically yes, but it was Trion, so....

(I'm typing this on another screen while lagged out)

08-22-2014, 02:57 PM

08-22-2014, 04:45 PM
Online right now NA PC, and its laggy really bad

08-22-2014, 04:47 PM
Is all of Trion's game servers connected to same backbone server?

08-22-2014, 04:57 PM
Been trying to play today off and on. Tried to do some missions and some incursions and arkfalls. All the same result. Within 30 seconds of combat starting got crippling lag and then timed out of the server. Didn't matter if I was by myself or running with the zerg.

08-22-2014, 05:22 PM
Sorry but i give up for tonight. I will be back online and try again 1am or something. Right now its lagging so bad, even Coop mission is unplayable. I'm lagging, freezeing up while everyone is moving in slow motion or something. sometimes it will freeze for 1 min. Be back later i guess.

08-22-2014, 08:30 PM
Was lagging at 4 to 7 am this morning, even.

So doesn't seem like server would be overloaded at that time of day.

08-22-2014, 08:53 PM
They sure did a lag patch bruh..... game is completely unplayable to the point you start lagging out 20-120 seconds into any type of combat.

I am also pretty sure there is only one phase to join on NA servers.... been logging in, lagging out, doing something else for an 30-60 mins, log in, lag out, ect....

It may have something to do with Archeage closed beta... either way, the patch was a complete fail, and I literally cannot play this game at all. I wish this was an exaggeration, but it really isn't.

At this point, I don't really care what happens, I haven't been playing Defiance long, and my destiny is over the horizon. I was really considering paying for inventory slots and loadouts even though I was only going to play for 2 more weeks in the near future, but now that I can't even play, I can't justify paying for it at all.

If they didn't so recently make this game f2p on xbox and ps3, I would think they are actually trying to kill off the population and have a valid reason to shut the servers down.

08-22-2014, 09:38 PM
It would be hard for me to express how angry I am without using words that would probably get me banned, but I will give it a shot...

I originally played Defiance on the 360 and I honestly enjoyed it. Other games came out and I moved on...

So once the game went F2P on the PC (over a MONTH after they finally fixed it on Steam), I decided to play again...

Well, long story short, I stupidly bought the season pass for $40 almost two weeks ago (my love for the television show is what I will blame my purchase on) and in that time I have been able to play about an hour without lag. ONE HOUR without lag in almost two weeks...

How in the WORLD does this happen?! Why can you guys not fix your servers?

Last night I log in (and keep in mind, I am a night owl...I typically play between midnight and 2am CST, not exactly "prime" hours) and I opened my map and I kid you not, it took at least 30 seconds to load up any sort of icons on it. I figured that was a bad sign and it was.

From there I saw players just running in place....enemies warping...

So I logged off and came to these forums and saw you had a patch rolling out today to supposedly fix it.

Well, here we are at 11:30pm, I log in and sadly, I got booted within THREE MINUTES with a server timeout/error.

I have to say, I don't think I have ever been more disappointed with a game and company. And I am huge sports fan that buys EA games every year...

I have read that Steam (this is a rumor I have yet to confirm) will give a one time refund on any game. I am considering asking for my $40 back...

I honestly would rather NOT. I would prefer to be able to play this game. I love the concept, I love the universe and I love the TV show...but it is almost a crime for you guys to continue to accept peoples money and have your servers in this kind of condition for this long...

08-22-2014, 10:18 PM
was just online for 2 hours, no lag. so seems to come and go. :)

08-22-2014, 11:06 PM
tis indeed a lag patch. one to add lag, apparently. well, there was that first 15 min, but ever since

08-22-2014, 11:15 PM
I've been able to play for about 60-90 mins without lag finally.

Hopefully they don't restart the servers or have another hotfix.
It always seems to "reset" the lag.

08-22-2014, 11:30 PM
The lag is ongoing and has seemed significantly worse since the update. The ping was fine for me yesterday, but tonight, around 12:20am EST, the lag became so bad that I have had to relog multiple times and have constantly lagged out of Arkfalls and Incursions. It is quite frustrating.