View Full Version : Question concerning Defiant Few outfit

09-04-2014, 04:50 PM
So has there been anymore word on if/when we will see this outfit?


I know it was asked before by someone when the flash game was just released that at some point we would be able to get access to it in the game. The more I look at it the more I see it as a cross between a Jedi Robe from Star Wars and a Quarian's suit from Mass Effect though the look is starting to grow on me. Basically curious because of the Defiant Few outfits this would be the better looking of the 3 at least in my opinion when it's released.

09-04-2014, 07:05 PM
I do believe we can get that headgear...

...in Destiny as a Hunter. ;)

I too would welcome that armor in the game, though.