View Full Version : some questions about the maps

04-03-2013, 06:07 PM
well ive seen that the release map is very small , are there more areas allready finished that peopel in alpha saw ? or is this it ? till episodes/dlc ?

is there a time table for the dlc/new area maps ?

does any one know if they plan more varation on the maps ... i mean the play areas them selves .. currently its all grasslands and vacent lots

will there be citys ?

will there be urban ruins for us to fight in ? or all grasslands

are there diffrent types of envrionments byond grasslands and vacent lots ?< huge space ships to fight in , or real mountins ,swamps , suburbs , city , snow areas , urban areas , anythign other then grassland and vacant lots ?

could any one point me to waht they have planned < i looked but didnt see any thing really >