View Full Version : Thanks Trion! (No really.)

Ronan DEx
04-03-2013, 06:28 PM
After reading this - http://forums.defiance.com/showthread.php?17194-Major-Problems-For-TRION-S-future...-amp-This-Game...

which was basically saying Trion should be ashamed blah blah, and there was NO positive threads, I felt I would make one.

It's not perfect. and A few things bug me (taking away hotshot missions stops me from getting 7/7 Marin. this bothers me. also for a game where pursuits are a somewhat guiding aspect, having such glaring bugs as 'complete x multiplayer' meaning 'complete.. win.. or just hope to the gods it counts it..'

Hell, I spent 50 quid on bits today... as it said 50 quid for 8300.. I was delivered only 8k.. and it charged me 60. (I have a ticket in about this.)

BUT! despite all these.. Im having TONS of fun. it's great to learn a new game, and the pursuits have been engaging and challenging (chicken challenge (without exploiting it. shame on you.) was amazingly fun) as was crystal defence.

the reason I haven't been here posting is as some have stated.. we are in the game enjoying it, rather then out here whining because it isnt the perfect game we expected it to be on launch.

Ego 735 and climbing! Loving the game so far! <3 Keep up the good work, I'm not foolish enough to say it isn't flawed, but I'm more then happy to have faith that Trion will fix it. and not let it's fanbase down.

(that being said, If I dont get 7/7 Marin soon my OCD might take over. at which point Ill get mean! )

04-03-2013, 06:43 PM
Good god someone with a positive thread I'm stunned and happy that I don't have to don more anti vitriol armour to read it.

I've been having a blast myself hit a slight main quest line bug but that should be fixed sooner or later.

Otherwise dang Ronan we should have got a Stargate MMOTPS lol