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09-28-2014, 11:52 AM
Fast travel points allow one to travel long distances quickly. If there is an arkfall or other interesting event, fast travel as close as possible, then stroll, run, or ride the remaining distance to the event site. Also use them as meeting points: "Meet me at The Crater, I'm buying."

To add a point: go to your main map, move the cursor to the specified coordinates, set the way point, exit the map, follow the bread crumbs to the destination, run around a bit at the location, make sure it appears as a fast travel location on the map, then set up and go to the next fast travel location. WARNING: One may have to cross VERY hostile territory to get to some of these locations, be prepared to drive around, fight, or run for your life. I visited all the sites when I had less that 500 EGO points, I suspect a player with around 200 or 300 EGO points may be able to visit all of the sites without collecting too many wounds. Consider grouping with other similar level players -- help each other.

This was done on a PS3 in early 2014 Sep.

Alphabetical within region, regions in order the player will most likely visit. Visit in whatever order suits you.

Mount Tam:
Bloodbath Turnout: 1451, 917
Earth Republic Camp: -116, -15
Tranquility Road: 212, 169

Happy Pow Farms: 3593, 355
Iron Demon Ranch: 2362, 727
Shondu's Consulate: 3827, 1563

Muir Processing Plant: 2188, 2522
The Crater: 2463, 2108
Top-Notch Toolworks: 3264, 2932

Bug 'n' Chug: 3969, 4368
Diablo Lighthouse: 3508, 4449
Headlands Transit Depot: 1921, 3945
Last Chance: 873, 3236

San Francisco (island):
Coit Tower: 5236, 5676
Overpass: 5021, 6787
The Fork: 3709, 6550

Silicon Valley (island):
Port Bruno Station: 5864, 8713
Water Temple: 5184, 10,005

I believe this is all of the fast travel locations. There are many other locations, but one cannot fast travel directly to them.

2015 Jun 25 edit: change the region order to match probable visit order.

09-28-2014, 01:37 PM
here's an illustrated full list http://www.defiancedata.com/fast-travel.php

10-30-2014, 04:17 PM
Good work. I thank you very much. :D

I have a change tip: It would look better when San Francisco stay under Sausalito, because it is the next island. ^^