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10-01-2014, 08:55 PM
Greetings fellow arkhunters! Today, we have half of an answer to the lag! The question is "Is our lag ever going to be fixed?"
Well, I have received a message from a dev : "Performance, lag, and disconnect issues are a top priority. 3 different beasts, but all lead to the same problem: its almost irrelevant how good the game is if you can't play it. We have engineers on the team whose focus is purely to identify and fix the root causes. It's never just a single issue that you fix and suddenly everything is right, though, but a series of small changes that eventually (hopefully) build up to a solution. Takes time."

My reasoning for creating this post is because 1. to let fellow forumers know a little something, and 2. because I think this is some great news.

Don't get me wrong now, I am not jumping around with excitement running in circles, but being a huge player of rift, I have dealt with trion for over 3 years on one game. Now I'm just recently new to defiance, only been playing for 3 weeks, but I have been playing rift since really the good ol beta days, and that game got HARSH reviews it's first two years. People complained about everything you could think of, and lag was a very big issue in that game as well, in fact it was terrible. As bad as this? Well that is your opinion, however I knew many people who would contact different members of rifts team during the lag issues, and they received messages like this. And guess what? Now at the 3 year mark, rift is almost a lag free environment to what it was 2 in a half years ago. Rift is kind of like this game for some who have 0 knowledge of it, but to put it in more simple terms, the game has a lot to run on its servers, and everyone complains about the TL 10 events running at once and how that may be a prime cause to the lag. But think of it this way, rift has a bunch of mini sieges and arkfalls along with massive pvp matches and instances and raids going at the same time, and once the lag got fixed, the main issues from those events listed were able to get tackled and fixed within months. I think this a good sign coming from a former gamer of trion before, and that's why I support them the way I do, because they pulled off a miracle in rift, and completely changed the game from what it was, to arguably and in my opinion one of the best mmos, including a passing on the chart of wow. But thats besides the matter, just thought I'd like to share with yall some news. Whether you think it's good, or bad, or not anything, that is up to you, so good day to you all and carry on with your day/night !

10-01-2014, 09:05 PM
So we only have a year and a half to wait?


10-01-2014, 09:14 PM
So we only have a year and a half to wait?

I mean it is possible, but would you rather have it fixed in however long it takes, or not fixed at all, I just have hope that this game will result in the outcome of rift. If it takes another year, 2 years or whatever so be it. I'll be here. If you wont then that's you, I just thought I would share to all the doubters and nay sayers that something is being done, and it isn't like they are sitting here laughing at everyone lag. Great things take a tremendous amount of time to become great, otherwise everything would be great and nothing would be bad if it was that easy :P
It is kind of a pattern for Trion - Rift had bad reviews, took 3 years, fixed. Defiance had HORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRIBLE reviews since Pay to Play, now since free to play, a lot of people are beginning to enjoy it more, but it still has its issues. And AA- just came out, again terrrrrible reviews. See the pattern, they start of bad, and they slowwwwwwwwwwly get fixed

Wilhelm Keitel
10-01-2014, 11:24 PM
You call rift fixed??
LOL if thats fixed what do you call broken??

10-01-2014, 11:34 PM
you know the leading reasons behind the lag are the new/old. event system they inpout into the game. its loading the events to fast nad loading way to many at once. so the game is haveing to spawn them all. to add to it. i my self have pointed out numarus times that some of the lage is created from certen textures that appear in game during serten events. such as the major arkbreaks mutent and DM outside events. the darkmatter drop ships there are 6 of them. create lag becuse its puting stress on the video cards of people playing and also there sound cards.

other things that create lag is the new incersion ins SV almost every time it appears theres a large lag spike acrost the server due to the ammount of mobs being spawned into the area to attack 3 crystals the hellbug one is the worse next to the 99er one. both of witch spawn a swarm near the baskitball court near the trion building so large that if you solo it witch happens most offten. you might lock up just from the black lungs or archers trying to attack you.

the only reason that is realy is becuse when testing it on PTS and i admit i advacated it also. some of us asked for more enamys becuse it felt a little lacking. its now biting us in the butt.

some more of the lag is created by hackers that are in game there system is sending extra packits into the game to give them there hacks though third part tools so its creating lag spikes when people are near them. not allways is this the case but sometimes it is. (( there was a hacker somewhere in the incersion i was in becuse i saw a hulker go down in 30 secs when it normaly takes 2 waves or 3 mins to drop one. this happend twice. someone had there damage real high tonight it seems ))

another thing creating lag and someones going to go " no its not " is the jeking crimfighters from defient few. that gernade bouncing lobber shotguns gernades can lag out anyone around you that has a slower system. reason i know this is becuse if seen it happen may times when more then 1 oe 2 people are useing the weapon (( did a major hellbug arkfall in SF and 5-8 people weare useing the crime fighters with in a moment everything locked up and i was in my own little empty dead zone of the game. when the lag died 500 exsplosions went off around me including ground pounds and sound locked up woth the sound of the exsplosions being the only noise for the next 15 mins had to log out after that due to noice polution from my head phones and becuse it would not go away even after shifting shards ))

we get lag at large events due to player numbers on screen as well. and also monster numbers on screen.

if iv missed anything please dont hesatate to say what i missed. other then Ddos attacks witch not all of what we see in lag are.

oh and weekend lag is a norm for any game. thats when the weekened warriors appear and want to play there games. its also when F2P players have the most time on there hands due to not being in school or work.