View Full Version : Some suggestions to this game

10-02-2014, 10:48 AM
Generally this game is decent, it is the best multiplayer game ive played so far,

so here I wanna try to tell the disadvantages and give suggestions to make things feel better:

1. EGO/damage change

when a high rank player entered your area or something special event happened, your EGO rating suddenly increase to 4730/4750 points, and for new player it dosnt meant more powerful but more toture
-------coz it let the mobs became more powerful (like 1,2,3 shot kill you) and your damage became less and less effective...really painful...
and when high rank guy left, the feeling is much relieved....

2. Laggings

when tons of player rush into a event , the lagging is horrible too, please make a change the same like dungeons/coop maps , just adding some reloading functions so that ppl could connect better

3 unnecessary persuit/achievements

-----the most part killing player's appetite

plese removing some tedious/boring persuits such as shooting 5000/5000 mobs with sniper/pistol------it wont affect the real money player's spending

the most annoying persuit is the cerberus car skill, in most case you wont earn chance to drive it, why design it same amount skill bar like other vehicles。。。

so please make these change,so you can retain more players

also you can remove some pvp persuit or seperate it from pve EGO setting , coz some player really hate playing it.