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04-03-2013, 07:05 PM
I thought it would be nice if there was a quick go to location for the built in voice commands instead of constantly delving into the menus of the game. So I took some time (lots of time) and did some data entry to bring the list here. Currently I am at 129 voice commands before the server went down! I will update when back up.

Kinect voice commands manual

Before performing voice commands hit down on the “D” pad to insure the EGO chat option is selected. Then simply say the command.

Voice command: Result:

1. “EGO Abandon”--- Choose Abandon in menu

2. “EGO Abandon Mission”--- Choose Abandon mission in menu

3. “EGO Accept”--- Choose Accept in menu

4. “EGO Accept Invite” --- Accept invite when prompted on-screen

5. “EGO Account”--- To pull up account menu

6. “EGO Add Item”--- Choose add item in menu

7. “EGO Add to Cart”--- Add selected item to shopping cart

8. “EGO Admin Options”--- Choose admin options in menu

9. “EGO Apply”--- Choose apply in menu

10. “EGO Audio”--- Open the audio menu

11. “EGO Back”--- Go back a page in the menu

12. “EGO Boosts”--- Open the boosts menu

13. “EGO Buy”--- Choose buy option in menu

14. “EGO Buy Back”--- Choose buy back in menu

15. “EGO buy with bits”--- Choose buy with bits in a menu

16. “EGO Buy with Resources”--- Choose buy with resources in menu

17. “EGO Cancel”--- Cancel in a dialog

18. “EGO Cancel Action”--- Cancel action in a menu

19. “EGO Cancel Offer”--- Cancel offer in menu

20. “EGO Change”--- Choose change option in menu

21. “EGO Character”--- Open character menu

22. “EGO Checkout”--- Choose checkout option in menu

23. “EGO Claim Item”--- Choose claim item in menu

24. “EGO Clan”--- Open clan menu

25. “EGO Clan Invite”--- Used when aiming at player to invite them to clan

26. “EGO Clear Cart”--- Choose the clear cart option in menu

27. “EGO Clear Waypoint”--- Clear the waypoint in the map menu

28. “EGO Collapse”--- Choose collapse in menu

29. “EGO Competitive”--- Choose competitive option in menu

30. “EGO Continue”--- Choose the continue option in menu

31. “EGO Contracts”--- Open the contracts menu

32. “EGO Controls”--- Open the controls menu

33. “EGO Co-op” --- Open co-op menu

34. “EGO Create” --- Choose create in menu

35. “EGO Cycle Loadout”--- Cycle loadouts

36. “EGO Cycle Page”--- Choose cycle page in menu

37. “EGO Decline”--- Choose decline in menu

38. “EGO Delete” --- Choose Delete in menu

39. “EGO Deposit”--- Choose Deposit in menu

40. “EGO Details”--- Choose details in menu

41. “EGO Edit”--- Choose edit in menu

42. “EGO Edit Quantity”--- Choose edit quantity in menu

43. “EGO Grid”--- Open the ego grid menu

44. “EGO Join”--- Choose join in menu

45. “EGO Equip”--- Choose equip in menu

46. “EGO Exit Menu”--- Choose exit menu

47. “EGO Expand”--- Choose expand option in menu

48. “EGO Extract”--- Choose extract in menu

49. “EGO Fast Travel”--- Choose fast travel in menu

50. “EGO Filter All”--- Choose filter all in menu

51. “EGO Filter Grenades”--- Choose filter grenades in a menu

52. “EGO Filter Mods”--- Choose filter mods in menu

53. “EGO Filter Shields”--- Choose filter shields in menu

54. “EGO Filter Weapons”--- Choose filter weapons in menu

55. “EGO Find”--- Choose find in menu

56. “EGO Friend Invite”--- Add friend while aiming at player

57. “EGO Friends”--- Open friends menu

58. “EGO Gameplay”--- Open the gameplay

59. “EGO Get More Bits”--- Choose get more bits in a menu

60. “EGO Group Invite”--- Add to group while aiming at player

61. “EGO Hide Legend”--- Choose hide legend in menu

62. “EGO Instances”--- Choose instances in menu

63. “EGO Intel”--- Open intel menu

64. “EGO Inventory”--- Choose inventory in a menu

65. “EGO Leave” --- Choose leave in a menu

66. “EGO Leave Clan”--- Choose leave clan in a menu

67. “EGO Leave Competitive Match”--- Choose leave competitive match in a menu

68. “EGO Loadout 1”--- Choose loadout 1 in menu

69. “EGO Loadout 2”--- Choose loadout 2 in menu

70. “EGO Loadout 3”--- Choose loadout 3 in menu

71. “EGO Loadout 4”--- Choose loadout 4 in menu

72. “EGO Loadout 5”--- Choose loadout 5 in menu

73. “EGO Loadouts”--- Open loadouts menu

74. “EGO Map”--- Open map

75. “EGO Matchmaking” --- Open matchmaking menu

76. “EGO Modify”--- Choose modify option in menu

77. “EGO Mute”--- Choose mute menu

78. “EGO New Search”--- Choose new search in menu

79. “EGO No”--- Choose no in a dialog

80. “EGO Ok”--- Choose ok option in the menu

81. “EGO Pause Audio”--- Choose pause audio in menu

82. “EGO Pause”--- Choose pause in a menu

83. “EGO Play”--- Choose play in menu

84. “EGO Try Again”--- Choose try again in menu

85. “EGO Play Audio”--- Choose play audio in menu

86. “EGO Play Video”--- Choose play video in menu

87. “EGO Purchase”--- Choose purchase in menu

88. “EGO Pursuits”--- Open the pursuits menu

89. “EGO Quick Buy”--- Choose quick buy in menu

90. “EGO Rankings”--- Choose rankings in menu

91. “EGO Ready”--- Choose ready in menu

92. “EGO Salvage Matrix”--- Open Salvage Matrix menu

93. “EGO Remove”--- Choose remove in menu

94. “EGO Remove Mod”--- Choose remove mod in menu

95. “EGO Remove Points “--- Choose remove points in menu

96. “EGO Rename”--- Choose rename option in menu

97. “EGO Reset”--- Choose reset in menu

98. “EGO Respec”--- Choose respec in menu

99. “EGO Restart”--- Choose restart in menu

100. “EGO Search”--- Choose search in menu

101. “EGO Select” --- Choose select in menu

102. “EGO Select Item”--- Choose select item in menu

103. “EGO Select Mod”--- Choose select mod in menu

104. “EGO Sell”--- Choose sell in menu

105. “EGO Set Waypoint”--- Choose Set Waypoint in menu

106. “EGO Settings”--- Open up the settings menu

107. “EGO Shadow War”--- Choose shadow war in menu

108. “EGO Show Inventory”--- Choose show inventory in menu

109. “EGO Show Keyboard”--- Choose show keyboard in menu

110. “EGO Show Legend” --- Choose show legend in menu

111. “EGO Show Merchant”--- Choose show merchant in menu

112. “EGO Social”--- Open social menu

113. “EGO Sort”--- Choose sort in menu

114. “EGO Sort by friends”--- Choose sort by friends in menu

115. “EGO Sort Level”--- Choose sort level in menu

116. “EGO Sort Name”--- Choose sort name in a menu

117. “EGO Sort Type”--- Choose sort type in menu

118. “EGO Sort Value”--- Choose sort value in menu

119. “EGO Spawn”--- Choose spawn in menu

120. “EGO Start”--- Choose start in menu

121. “EGO Stats”--- Open stats menu

122. “EGO Submit”--- Choose submit in menu

123. “EGO Toggle Category”--- Choose toggle category in menu

124. “EGO Trade Invite”--- Aim at player to send trade invite

125. “EGO Turn Off”--- Choose turn off in menu

126. “EGO Turn On”--- Choose turn on in menu

127. “EGO Unequip”--- Choose unequip in menu

128. “EGO Unlock”--- Choose unlock in a menu

129. “EGO Unmute”--- Choose unmute in menu

04-03-2013, 07:15 PM
Servers back up so continued:

130. “EGO Update”---Choose update in menu

131. “EGO Upgrade”---Choose upgrade in menu

132. “EGO Vehicle”---Calls your vehicle

133. “EGO Video”---Opens video menu

134. “EGO View”---Choose view in a menu

135. “EGO View Gamer Card”---Choose view gamer card in menu

136. “EGO Withdraw”---Choose withdraw option in menu

137. “EGO Yes”---Choose yes in dialog

04-04-2013, 08:55 AM
Thank you!

04-04-2013, 08:58 AM
Bump. And thanks for the effort!

Looking for the one that goes straight to the menu with logout on it, or the direct logout command. So should have made one of those.

04-04-2013, 09:01 AM
Bump. And thanks for the effort!

Looking for the one that goes straight to the menu with logout on it, or the direct logout command. So should have made one of those.

So many voice commands I am surprised that isn't one of the options.

04-04-2013, 11:26 AM
Bump. And thanks for the effort!

Looking for the one that goes straight to the menu with logout on it, or the direct logout command. So should have made one of those.

Glad you can use it Buruko. I would rather have this pulled up or even printed than having to dig into the menus to find one particular command. Plus this has shown me options I wouldn't have even thought of.