View Full Version : Patching through Steam instead of Glyph

10-24-2014, 09:21 PM
Is this on Trion's to-do list at all? To update your release workflow to incorporate Steam updates.

Because having to update through Glyph is annoying and probably costing you players on Steam.

The very first thing you do after installing Defiance from Steam is to open up Glyph and then having to download gigabytes of material. There is a great big patch button instead of a play button. You should track client behaviour to see what percentage of players give up at this gate.

Also, most people leave Steam on a lot, which is why total Steam figures are way higher than those in game. If you updated the Steam files, when people want to jump into Defiance, they can do - because it will have updated in the background. Behaviour of Defiance in Steam is unlike behaviour of all other games, it is worse than all other games. You should track to see how many people give up during this patch process too.

It's annoying.