View Full Version : How does whisper work ?

11-19-2014, 04:37 PM
Never tried it, but I gather from older posts that you type /w character name message and the recipient gets a purple message. They can respond with /r message.

Some questions:
1) What if character name has a space in it ? Do you need to put quotes round it ?
2) You have to use the full name, no short version, wild card or look-ups ?
3) To respond to a reply, can you use /r or do you have to start another /w ?
4) Does the message go to a certain channel (which ?) or does it bypass channelling and is always received ?

11-19-2014, 05:09 PM
1) The game will mount a search (supporting up to the first 2 words) for the correct player once you hit enter. For example: My character's name is Atra Mors. When you type a message using /t Atra Mors, it will attempt to find Atra and Atra Mors to deliver the message. Another way around it is to send the message directly to the Account Name instead of player name.
2) You'll want to use the Full Name or Account Name exactly as it is presented. Shortcuts will result in the wrong person getting the message or it being received by no one.
3) /r works just fine. Be wary that if anyone sends you a message while replying, it will reply to the most recent person to message you, regardless of when you started your reply.
4) PMs are always between you and the recipient. There's a Private Chat option that is the same color as whisper in case you need to have a long/voice conversation with just 1 other player.