View Full Version : 5 reasons i avoid the "Solstice" event like a plague

12-19-2014, 09:22 AM
> The white Textures that should look a like snow are killing my eyes. Way to bright

> The item rewards are unrewarding and the weapon Synergy is not good enough

> The Volge dont fit to Christmas and i am tired of them, i expected a new kind of enemy

> During the Event other players dissapear as usual, all i see is a few enemies, lights, rays but no more players

> 50-100+ players at the final stage of the event cause so much lag that its just blind play....

I am really happy the developers didnt dare to turn the whole game MAP into white textures...... :mad:

but anyway, on the other site i am pretty happy that so many players do these events. i can enjoy the game much better soloing other Arkfalls and Incursion without getting disturbed by 5750+ Ego players that turn my 4000 Ego lady into a n00b while they are around.

The ugly white pseudo snow Textures tough, beats it all..... :mad: