View Full Version : Defensive builds aren't very good, a flaw in the games design.

04-04-2013, 12:24 AM
Right now there is really no good reason to make a defensive character in this game.

The reason is this:

Every single powerful enemy in this game works based on the same principle: It has a huge amount of hitpoints, and really strong attacks that you need to dodge in order to stay alive.

That leads to a situation where defensive builds are basically pointless. Doing less damage means you'll have a harder time chewing through the big hitpoint pool on the enemy, and since big attacks like grenades, rockets, slams, charges etc. have to be dodged anyways if you want to avoid levels of damage that not even the most defensive build can ignore it's pretty obvious which way is more useful in the tough fights of the game.

This also makes the offensive ego powers much more useful than the defensive ones. Sure, it's pretty funny to see a bunch of enemies shoot at a decoy for a while while I take them out, but in a boss battle that decoy is a 5 second breather and then goes on a huge cooldown. Doing more damage and killing that boss quicker simply makes more sense.

There simply aren't many encounters in the game where stacking some damage resistance is really going to make a huge difference. Especially the perk that kicks in when you're standing still is kind of a joke, since standing still will cause you to eat every giant exploding projectile in the game to the face and 15% damage reduction does not help you at all against those. The only time you can really stand still is when the enemies are attacking something else or there are only weaklings left, and then why would you need damage reduction?

04-04-2013, 12:29 AM
Exactly what are you referring to as a "defensive build" because i notice a MAJOR difference between myself and my clan mates who went offensive. I run the 15% less dmg while standing still 15% less dmg after a kill, 6% less dmg taken and 250 more hp, honestly i can withstand just about any alpha strike a boss has and just BMG before he can do much else to me. Yes, they can do more damage then me, but since i can stay out and shoot more often i am almost always at the top of our list. And that is with being the groups healer too. And yes, i run decoy also, currently 487 and decoy is almost maxed will be at 500.

*edit* only mob i won't stand toe to toe with currently is a monarch. i mean i can for a hit or two, but the attacks are so easy to dodge and with a ground pounder they just don't live long.

04-04-2013, 12:29 AM
As you raise your skill up and gear and so on you see a point to builds early game isnt a point to it really. Well take that back can be if you always co op with a set group. But thats just what I have seen a build here is more for endgame and co op Pve is more what ever gets the job done lol.

As you find synergy mods weapons and gear now a build with those can make you shiver and giggle lol.

04-04-2013, 12:33 AM
?!? defensive build is amazing.

I am currently at ego rating 800 something, have completed mainstory aswell as several co-ops.

I have yet to die once, and I still manage to be nr1 in damage a majority of the time.

I cannot belive your saying the offensive powers are more useful then defensive ones... decoy is a ABSOLUTE game changer.

Currently I use:

Fully specced:

Thick skinned (This perk is absolutely AMAZING)
Single minded (very useful as I run Lmg/sniper)
Materialize (Decoy uptime = <3)

My next one will likely be Execution or Sucker punch.

Obviously I didnt put every perk point toward defense, that would be a waste.

04-04-2013, 12:34 AM
Yeah defensive builds are pretty viable, but really ANYTHING is viable in this game which is awesome, After guild wars 2 now this, i doubt i could ever go back to the "holly trinity"

04-04-2013, 12:45 AM
I don't really see it, from where I'm at you're a guy with a shield and a gun and if you stand still you'll eat a rocket, glob of bug-barf, grenade, or get trampled by a giant monster.

Also, speaking of decoy. In one of the trailers I saw an arkhunter make a decoy and then blow it up, can you do that in the game? I like using decoy, but I find it pretty pointless in Arkfalls and other encounters where every single enemy is just a giant wall of hitpoints. It's most useful when you're facing a lot of smallfry from what I can tell.

Especially elite Hellbug Warriors in Arkfalls are just a pain in the rear to deal with. Shooting them in the mouth in that 1 second where its open will drain maybe 10% of their health, so people usually just give up and when the arkfall is over they all get killed off by the script. The arkfall monarchs are just as bad, but at least they draw enough attention so that people will gang up on him.