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ArkHunters: Syndicate

After the crash the manifest containing the members of the Syndicate's ArkHunting Branch were lost and its members whom were sent out as part of the joint VBI/EMC's venture are MIA and presumed dead. Due to the sensitive nature of the manifest, only the paper file existed and no backup is available at HQ. Any member of the AH:S wishing to rejoin the Fold may do so by contacting local AH:S Director Alexander O'Connell, who for the foreseeable future will be overseeing projects and interests in the immediate area.

Reinstatement Includes:

- Co-Operation on Missions and ArkHunting.
- Reliable Information and Equipment Sharing.
- EGO Acceleration Available.
- Participation in Shadow Wars with Syndicate Backing.
- Profit Sharing Within AH:S Expeditions.
- 120+ Certifications for Full ArkHunter Reinstatement.
- Cookies and Other Stako.

Any former members still living and wishing to take a separate path are at this from here on relieved from any further obligation or contract to The Syndicate Group or any of its subsidiaries. If in the future you wish to reapply to the ArkHunters: Syndicate or any of TSG's branches you may do so through the proper channels.

To the Hunt.
PE T.S. Creed
The Syndicate Group

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