View Full Version : So many familiar names...

04-04-2013, 02:21 AM
I had heard nothing about Defiance until a guild mate told me about it last week. As soon as I saw mention of BSG, Caprica and Farscape I knew I was interested in the show. When I heard about the game in the same sentance as Borderlands and Rift, I bought the deluxe edition.

Now I hear Oveur is a dev on this project and couldn't be happier. I played Eve Online for about 5 years. I greatly enjoyed the whole world affecting RP vibe I found there as well as the fan fiction it inspired me to write (Telemicus Thrace, Ushra'Khan, *insert bloodfist logo*). I'm starting to feel like doing something similar here.

This is such a great concept and being in it from the start is exciting. I'm only a few hours in and I'm starting to see I am in a prequal episode of the show, very cool. I'm guessing that we'll see some DLC on the 15th.

A couple of suggestions I do have. Firstly, are there any plans to do a graphics update for the PC client? I understand the aim is to one day get XBox, PS3 and PC fighting side by side so things like the 100 player zone limits can't shift. Currently the graphics feel a bit dated and clunky in places though.

The second suggestion I have is, if the UI is ever changed to better suit the PC, can we retain the current UI as an option? I can see myself and perhaps others switching between PC and console / controller mode as the mood takes.

Honestly I can see lots of room for improvement in the game but knowing what I do of the team working on it I feel confident things will improve greatly over time. Lots of potential, very exciting. I'm loving it, flaws and all because I know these issues will pass.